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does anyone know what the next iPhone update will consist of?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) February 25th, 2008 from iPhone

I no new features r added each time does anyone have info ??

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Does someone know? Well, yes, somebody knows, but they’ll never say until it is released.

There’s a lot of speculation, but it is impossible to know what’s true until it is released. No one that has real information is allowed to post it before it is released.

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SDK will be the big one.

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Maybe the 3G+, allowing to surf faster than edge technology. 3G+ is very used in Europe, I can’t say if it’s the same in United States. The first versions of iPhone were only Edge compliant to avoid a great energy consumption with 3G+ chip. Now, new 3G+ chips are available with a lower consumption of electricity.

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wait. are we talking hardware update or firmware (software) update?

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I ment software 3g would have to be a whole new model phone right? And what is sdk?

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sdk= software development kit

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Sure well its going to be the ability for 3rd party apps to be able to download and run on the iphone . Its like jailbreak only it is with Apples two thumbs up (yea!!!) so imagine the fun here, really everthing that is “iphone ” is SDk so it would be iphone with wings he he !!! You like iphone now? Just wait baby!!! Woohoo !!!

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I am so excited in that case I did the jailbreak and it was great but it made my phone act up. So I didnt think it was worth it and just restored the whole thing. I only use web apps. I really hope they work in a copy and paste feature and maybe an auto form fill in type thing. I heavily use my phone so anything that makes the process less painful is something very exciting. So far its a great device, I think phone is an understatement for this beast ha.

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hoping for cut&paste, mms, flash, and landscape typing!

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I hope its worth the wait

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