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Can anyone recommend an affordable dentist in San Francisco?

Asked by Spargett (5385points) February 25th, 2008

Its been a while since I’ve been to the dentist and I’m pretty confident I have more than a few cavities (and maybe something I’m not aware of, who knows?). I don’t have any sort of medical insurance and would really like to avoid going bankrupt over a trip to the dentist.

So anyone you can recommend that does a decent job of a simple task, at a reasonable price. Or if anyone can give any great tips, advice, or expectations. Thanks!

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Metro Dental off of Divisadero is where I go. I just had some surgery done =’(
However, I’m double covered and don’t need to worry about the price. So, root canal and crown would have cost me $340 at this point and an additional $200 when my crown comes in.

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I’m am double covered through my work and a 3rd party insurance. Call my agent, Kevin Sullivan, who lives in town. It costs me 49.95 a month, but is saving me a wad of cash with my recent dental work.
Kevin Sullivan w/ Ameriplan. 1–800-605–5024

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I recently found a new dentist in SF, and like the practice a lot- nice people, clean office, friendly dentists…however, I’m covered by insurance so I can’t remember how much they charged (I just pay a $20 co pay). But I did get the sense they weren’t going to rip me off or try to convince me to get anything done that wasn’t necessary. Her name was Dr. Emily Gentry and her number is : 415 982 4277, in case you want to call their office and find out what the rates are.

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Are there Universities in the area w. Dental Schools? If so, there may be clinics where the residents (supervised) provide less expensive dental care. I know that that is one way in which to get cheap psychotherapy – of course young therapists-in-training-are not wielding high-powered electrical or ultra-sonic devices (usually).

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University of the Pacific
Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry
2155 Webster Street (at Sacramento Street)
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 929–6400
FAX: (415) 929–6654
Main Clinic Phone Number: (415) 929–6501
San Francisco Main Clinic
Pacific faculty members partner with student dentists to provide
comprehensive, low-cost dental care for teenagers and adults. Pacific
can meet all of your dental care needs, from teeth cleanings and
fillings to root canals and dentures.
—Hours of Operation
—How to become a patient
—Fees and Payment Plans

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soma dental on van ness. Quality dentists and affordable. They are available on sat. U of p grads. I am high maintenance and they are great!

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Thanks gang.

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