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Is a MacBook with these specs good for light gaming?

Asked by joshisradd (238points) February 25th, 2008 from iPhone

2.2 core 2 duo
2 Gig ram
160 Gig harddrive
specifically for playing guildwars.

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you will only be light gaming with any kind of mac ha

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I know its not great. But will it run it decently?

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The processor or ram is enough to play guildwars, the only problem with MacBook comes from it’s integrated video chip, not really known for his efficiency. But considering GuildWars, it’s now an “old” game which will run without problem on your MacBook, even with your embedded video card.

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Ya, depends on the game, and Mulot knows GuildWars far better than I. (I would play Myth and Dominions on it, for which it’d be abundant.)

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Should be fine for any game invented before 2004 or so.

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What graphics card are you running: is it just a simple integrated card or is it a propper card. i.e Nvidia or ATI
you should be pretty good for guildwars though

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