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What to use to seal a wood carving?

Asked by Unexpected_Rain (357points) December 13th, 2009

I’ve just finished carving a small wooden brooch and was wondering what I should seal it with?

I want to try and keep the natural colour of the wood if possible, so I was considering linseed oil or perhaps beeswax.

Any suggestions?

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You could oil the wood or use a polyurethane.I have used both on wood carvings I’ve done and acrylic paint for a bird carved from bassood.I do know someone that uses mineral oil and tung oil.I hope this helps :)

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Clear Polyurethane. It comes in either gloss or matte depending upon which look you like.

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When i first read this question, i could have sworn it said “What to use to STEAL a wood carving?”

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