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Anyone know of a good site or link to explain this?

Asked by mclaugh (1256points) December 13th, 2009

I am studying for an anatomy test(college level) and I still can’t seem to grasp how blood flows through the heart and all of its components. I have looked for videos online(youtube) but, none seemed to really help, do any of you flutherites know where I can check out a video(preferably in french, since that’s the language I study in, but I’ll make anything work!!) that will help me out?

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thanks!! any other video would be appreciated..the more the better i say!

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If you search “blood flow in the heart” in youtube, you get quite a few graphic illustrations.

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See HeartWorks – here is an interesting video on their process.

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@Breefield I’d seen that before, but couldn’t find it. Very cool!

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thanks all.. these videos have really helped me get a better understanding! :)

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The best place I know of for studying anatomy is Visible Body. I used it all the time for my (university level) anatomy studies. Unfortunately you have to pay for it now, but there is still a seven day trial you might want to check out.

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