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What if there were a version of "the pill" for men?

Asked by phoenyx (7401points) December 13th, 2009

This theoretical pill (or maybe it actually exists in some form?) would make men 100% sterile, temporarily, while they were taking it, but they would revert a short time after they quit taking it.

What if the pill had one or more of the following side effects:
1. Reduced libido
2. Terrible acne
3. Insomnia
4. 1 out of X (choose a number) men became permanently sterile
5. potential weight gain (added for @syz) :)

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You forgot potential weight gain.

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But… but… every sperm is sacred! We can’t mess with Virility! ;)

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It would have to taste like beer.

As for side effects
1 is counter productive but at least there is viagra.
3. Well- I suppose they could Fluther.
4 This would be a bonus!

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Actually, I have read that just such a pill is being tested. The primary side effect is weight gain. Here’s a link if you’d like to read:

I think it would be a great option. Imagine how much protection a couple would have if both the male and female could take a pill. The question is, “Would men take it?” I suspect it would be like condom use. Some men would use it, some men wouldn’t, and some would only do it if their partners made them.

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Thanks for the link. Interesting point about condom use (which is behavior you can tell is happening or not). Would it make it easier for men to lie?

<lie>“It’s okay, I’m on the pill.”</lie>

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If there was I bet it’d be covered by health insurance. Fucking insurance companies putting a low value on women’s health.

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You’d still need to wear a condom unless you’re in a relationship and there’s no question to the other person having an STI.

I probably wouldn’t use it.

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that would be funny

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I’d be on that like white on rice.

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Most likely it would earn the monkier The P*$#y Pill because many men are terrified of having their virility even questioned- let alone mucked with. While in private I think plenty of men would like the idea.

I wonder if they’d have as many problems remembering to take it at the same time everyday as I do?

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But then, how could a woman tell if the guy was lying? At least if she takes the pill she knows for sure, and if he uses a condom it’s pretty obvious. But if he claims he takes the pill so he can get laid, but actually doesn’t, the complications could be unfortunate.

I would suspect that most men would not like side effects 1, 2 and 5, might live with 3 because who needs to sleep if there is a willing female in your bed, and might or might not accept 4, depending on marital status and how many child support payments they already have to make.

One of the main reasons guys use condoms now is simply to be sure not to make a kid, since they can’t tell if women are telling the truth about their pill-taking status. SInce most men don’t like using condoms, I would suspect that using the pill would lead to less condom use, and thus more transmission of STDs.

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I don’t see how it will be any different from women taking the pill. They’ll probably forget from time to time, so it won’t be 100% effective. The side effects will be worse in some people than others and when it’s really bad they’ll stop taking it.

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Most men wouldn’t take your pill. Also, because men don’t suffer the consequences of unplanned pregnancy, I don’t think there’s enough fear there for them to be consistent with taking the pill in the first place.
What’s strange to me is men will take steroids and chance some of these very same side effects.

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Actually, I do believe that such a pill is in the works. I think that would be in the interest of men to take it. Sure, they don’t have to deal with unplanned pregnancies if things go wrong, however, if they take this pill they don’t have to deal with some crazy psycho bitch who wants to get pregnant against his wishes.

Think about it, right now men have almost no control over contraception. They can have their way with condoms, which are just about the least reliable and most easily sabotaged of all contraceptive devices and medicines. A male contraceptive pill would finally give men the same kind of control as women regarding how many kids they have, and when. So weight gain or no weight gain, acne or no acne, I think men would/should take it.

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these are the exact side effects of the pill for women
so some would take it and some wouldn’t

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@hungryhungryhortence – interestingly, the birth control pill for women is also a steroid. It comes as no surprise that the side effects are similar.

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There will be thousand of babies cause I do believe they will so forget to take it everyday…

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@phoenyx Unfortunately, that is a possibility. That meant that women couldn’t slack off on protecting themselves. But for those lucky enough to have a man who would honestly use the pill, they would get double protection.

@fireinthepriory Sad, but true.

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There is a similarly intended product out there. I doubt most men would willingly take it though. It is chemical castration. It is usually Introduced to offenders against their will.

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Isn’t that intended to make them, ummm, unable to perform? I think most guys who want to avoid making babies still want to have the practice, if you know what I mean.

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@laureth that is why they like teachers too. Make them do over and over til they get it right.

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