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My head has been hurting a lot recently. Is there anyway to get rid of the the pain?

Asked by pouncey (702points) December 13th, 2009

I know this might sound silly me asking this but I thought it would go away and every second it has been hurting. It usually starts to hurt when i think about something thats mean to other people or something like that. It even hurts when i think at all. In other words i think its mental. Do you find this odd?

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Aspirin? Talk to your doctor. Any bumps recently?

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@toomuchcoffee911 I don’t have any actually but its weird it only comes when i thinking about mean things or at all.

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May I suggest a head and neck massage… can stimulate the vessels in the head / brain and get the blood flowing evenly…. and stop the headaches….

IF that does not work an Aleeve or Aspirin might….

After trying the above ; and you still have headaches… get to a doctor…. ASAP !

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at first when I had read your qeustion I had thought of maybe it is time to get new glasses. Since most headaches are cause by eye strain, then I had contuined to read the details of the qeuestion, yes and no . Stress form worrying for others can cause headaches and heart ache as well. the best advice I can give is to pray and let God handle your worries for for you. For the mean things you think of and we all have thought mean things before just think of great things and maybe the headaches will go away.

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@HighShaman didnt know about that but i don’t know who will do that for me. Maybe Ill ask my dad when he comes back home.
@therookie you can’t rely god on everything.

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A good orgasm works well…

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If pain medication doesn’t work, you could always just eat something. Whenever I have a really bad head pain, it’s usually because I haven’t eaten. It might work for you, I don’t know.

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Tylenol and try to lessen the stress in your life, if you’re able to. Are you drinking enough water, as well, and getting enough sleep? Also, it could be allergies/sinuses. I could be due to a number of things.

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@jmah i had not been drinking enough water but i do go to bed rather early.

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@pouncey Are you under a lot of stress? Do you suffer from allergies/bad sinuses?

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no not allergies but stress yes.

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@stormy Yeah, sometimes that works, but according to an article I read (either on WebMd or MSN), it can also cause headaches!

To the OP: Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and take and Advil. If your headaches don’t respond well to those, call in the big guns and take some Excedrin. It will get rid of the pain relatively quickly.

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