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Do you think that love could be real to people who are fake?

Asked by trista1504 (33points) December 13th, 2009

fake as in their personalty

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is gentle as a rose. And, loooove can conquer any war. (Oh, Lenny. You’re so pretty).

Yes, I do believe so.

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Love could be real to anyone… fake or not.

And aren’t most people fake from time to time? Does that mean they don’t deserve love? I think not.

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It is always from your perspective. If you feel love then it is love.
Even if it is misguided or confused love.

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fake as in their personality = well some people only seem that way… underneath it all we’re all the same you know…we all love… that where we come from and that’s all that lies between born and dead it’s just gets a little obscured…doesn’t matter how fake we are or can be… so yes fake people can do real love

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Fake people are just covering up an extremely sensitive ball of emotions. It is a mask to protect something that is very vulnerable. The faker they are the more vulnerable, so yes. I think fake people are capable of intense love. however, the process of filtering it through the mask can be toxic.

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