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so if you are very good at the app paint what kind of jobs can you get/ go for?

Asked by mikeyC (100points) February 25th, 2008 from iPhone

Me I love art and very good at painting . I started useing “paint” on this computer . I just wonder can I make a living at this? I can draw/paint anything , proud of my skill but who will buy this…..anything .,.,.ideas….Thanks

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Graphic artist, graphic designer…

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might want to upgrade to something other than paint though. . .

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In today’s world of Photoshop and the like, Paint is considered to be a rather low-tech method of imagemaking, which some may find endearing. You could use this to your advantage by establishing your own simple painting/illustration style using Paint, and selling it as low-tech/low-brow art. Sad to say, but in art, it’s all about how you market yourself, no matter how good or bad you are.

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Are you actually talking about Microsoft Paint, the very basic free drawing program that comes free with every version of Windows ever, or something else with a similar name?
(Doesn’t really matter for your actual question, but ya you may tend to have better luck getting hired for a wider variety of positions if you learn some to use some other art programs.)

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I am a graphic artist actually and I can tell you the art world is very competitive. You should really broaden your skill level by looking into photoshop, illustrator, flash, there are many programs out there. Unless you have some very serious skill and work well with the limitations of paint then I’d say your job opportunities are slim. Sorry if that is harsh but hey I say if you can do anything decent in then you def have the ability to succeed with better programs.

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Yes, like stated above, the design world is very competitive. The market is so saturated, it seems like everyone is a graphic designer now-a-days. Its like the NBA, you gotta “play hard or go home”.

Ditch paint, get some Adobe apps and good.

P.S. You should post a link to your work.

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ps. get a tablet.

recommend bamboo. .

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Grahic artist, Commercial artist. Been there, done that. If you are not well established in the field at this point intime….. A word of advice…Its like being a Chef… Its A much better hobby than trying to make a “decent / secure” living doing it.

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Of all my peers, right now studying or training, with the intention of making a living in the creative industry, I expect:

1% to make a good living with their own prestigious freelance enterprise.

2% to make a living with a prestigious company.

7% to have an uninspiring and low-paid job at a small company.

10% to spend the rest of their lives in dead-end jobs with little or no relation to creative arts, but refusing to “sell out”, while constantly failing to “make it big” or “get a break”.

80% to give up after 5 years of depressingly fruitless self-promotion in an insurmountably competitive labour market, and deciding to become something much more boring realistic, letting art be their hobby.

Unless you’re REALLY good and/or know people in high places, please don’t waste part of your life and soul, thinking you’ll get anywhere in life, by drawing.

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