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What country purchases the most NHL merchandise?

Asked by GoonSquad (79points) December 13th, 2009

What country spends the most money on National Hockey League related merchandise?

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Well, since 1/5 of the teams are Canadian and the rest are from the US, if I had to venture a guess, I’d say… the US.

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canada.. the us watches more football than hockey. can’t say the same for canadians.

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@MacBean – Canada has 6 times.

I’d say the U.S too.

@mclaugh – Football isn’t very popular in Canada, at least in comparison to Hockey.

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@LeopardGecko that’s exactly what i said!!? reread?

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@mclaugh – I misinterpreted what you meant.

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Also, I mean to type “Canada has 6 teams”. Just in case anybody wishes to oh so boldly point this out.

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Right. Canada has six teams. The US has twenty-four. So out of the thirty NHL teams, 1/5 are Canadian.

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@MacBean – Sorry, clearly not on the ball tonight.

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@LeopardGecko: Everybody has off days! I’m having one, too. I’ve been modded twice for being mean. Not my usual style at all.

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@MacBean – thanks for not giving me a hard time about it =P .

Anyways, I’m off, goodnight everybody.

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I think the relative popularity of hockey in Canada vs. the US is trumped by the sheer population of the US hockey fans. Even though hockey lags behind US football and possibly basketball, I think the US fans would outspend our Canadian friends.

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