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I am looking for an apartment in Las Vegas. Is there any website that makes it easy to find, that simplifies the process?

Asked by vicythacker (1points) February 25th, 2008

las vegas apartment

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apparently there are seven areas to focus on. i doubt there is a magic pill to make this easier. my motto is – you get what you research. and start early!

Our professional staff will help you avoid the hassles of looking for an apartment in Las Vegas that has what you want or need. Las Vegas Apartment Finding Service is totally FREE and we also have ‘Live Chat’ during business hours so that we can answer your questions immediately!

If you are outside of Las Vegas, please call us toll free at 1–800-998–5636

I always recommend these as you find LOTS of other people who live there

Central / Eastern Las Vegas
Green Valley / Henderson
North Las Vegas
Northern Las Vegas
Northwestern Las Vegas
Southern Las Vegas
Western Las Vegas

this one has more areas defined

East Central Las Vegas
East Las Vegas
Green Valley / Henderson
Nellis Area
North Las Vegas
Northwest Las Vegas
Paradise Valley
Strip Area
Southwest Las Vegas
Spring Valley
Sunrise Manor
The Lakes Area
UNLV Area Apartments
West Central Las Vegas

Our map-based and keyword searches deliver results fast with photos, tours, floor plans and more. It is easy to refine your search whether you are looking to be near a college, military base or where you work.

money money money

To help you with your budget planning, a one bedroom apartment rents for about $795—$1500. An average two bedroom Las Vegas apartment will start at $975. If you need help finding your apartment, use our online Las Vegas apartment finding service! Start your Las Vegas apartment search with Apartment Links

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