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Is it easier for an American to get a British citizenship, or a British to get an American citizenship?

Asked by my_hearts_in_scotland (267points) December 13th, 2009

My boyfriend lives in the UK. We have talked on and off about marriage, but he wants to wait to talk about it when we can talk face to face, which will be in a few days. (I finally get to see him again!) One of us will have to sacrifice in order for us to be together, I’m game either way, even though I have family here. But which one would be easier, timewise and financially. Thank you :)

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I think you just say a Brit, or by country, ie Englishman.

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probably it’s easier for a brit to get an american citizenship, i mean why not? we let everyone else in…

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I don’t know about England, but in America if you are married it is fairly easy to get your paperwork done for the spouse to be able to work and live in America (I am American, my husband was Mexican). If he wants to move before you are married I think there is some sort of paperwork for people who are engaged? But, I know little about that, I have only heard people mention it.

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They’re both easy peasy if you get married.

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Here is the home page for immigration in the US Also, since he is British that should make things easier also. I don’t think we have a lot of Brits knocking down the door to come to this country.

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This may help answer some of your questions

I think it’s fairly easy for an American to get British citizenship if you marry a Brit. I know there can be issues if you marry someone from Thailand but I’m not aware that there is the same restrictions when it comes to Americans.

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american getting a brit…way easier..i think like 14% of people want to move to america rather than im not a nerd.i read an article on it one day.

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