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What are the chances of you having a White Christmas?

Asked by NUNYA (3207points) December 14th, 2009

I live in the mountains of Montana and it is snowing. We have 2 feet of snow on the ground and it is gonna snow through today. My chance of having a white christmas is at 100%! Wonder what the chances are for you?

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Next to nil- I live in the tropics.

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Officially? No idea. We’ve had a little snow, and some awfully cold days, but that doesn’t mean much. My educated guess: around 10–20%.

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None at all. It’s summer here by me.

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Very low. I live near Memphis. Even growing up in Maryland I think the old stat was there is a white Christmas every 20 years. Probably aside from high mountain ranges, and the upper quarter of the US it is unlikely. Snow from my experience is really in full swing in February for most states.

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It could happen, but I wouldn’t count on it. I’ve only witnessed one Christmas when there was snow on the ground. Really, I’m much more likely to have a wet, rainy Christmas.

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@Does the slight chance bum you out? Or are you ok with the no snow on Christmas?

@delta214 GREAT! Merry Christmas!!!

@Confuscious Christmas in the summer just don’t feel right. Thanks tons!!! :-)

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And, everyone in the southern hemisphere pretty much is in summer now.

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@Snarp does that bum you out?

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So far so good.

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Can I come and play in the snow?! We have about a slim to none chance of getting any here. I do miss it sometimes. Just not the havoc it wreaks on the roadways.

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Well, I live in the central valley, so about as good as the chance that I will sprout wings and fly south.

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@azlotto HOWDY HOWDY!!! Excellent azlotto! Merry Chirstmas!!!

@Mavericksjustdoinganotherflyby I totally understand Maverick!!! Example:Want to go Xmas shopping but what a pain to go out in the snow! The temp. is -17 degrees and to go out and sweep the truck off is too damn cold! lol Thanks!!!

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@holden Thanks holden!!!
@Talimze Thanks tons!!!

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Slim and none Nunya! So glad to see you here. Seems like old times! Have a good day my friend!

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Pretty nearly no chance of snow here in SE FL but we do make snow (really more like slush) for the school kids… just so they’ll know what a snowball looks like! LOL

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15 years ago, almost certainly. Now, almost certainly not. Same region. Fucking global warming.

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@NUNYA Wow! I remember those temps.BBBRRRRRR! No thanks. I guess I’ve been in Cali. too long.LOL!

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I’d say about 80%. I live in South Western, Ontario, Canada. It’s not all that often that we get a green Xmas.

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Where I live now: Southwestern Illinois probably a 15% chance.
My hometown: Central New York probably a 95% chance.
Where I plan to live: The Caribbean – priceless.

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@Cotton101 So glad to see you too Cotton!!! (((HUGS))) to you my good friend! The temp is -17 right now and it is too darn cold to leave the house! lol

@Mavericksjustdoinganotherflyby I just wouldn’t trade it for the warmer climates! I don’t like the freezing temps but I enjoy the snow FAR MORE! (((HUGS))) to you my friend!!!

@jmah Thanks!!!!

@erichw1504 Thanks bunches!!! Maybe go home then? lol :-)

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Wow, good thing we found Fluther! lol Really good to have my friends back! Your answer and question brought a big smile to my face!

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@Cotton101 SMILES are always a good thing!!! I’m glad you and all the rest found fluther! Gotta keep our FAMILY together!!! Cause we are family!!! HIGH FIVE!!! Love ya!

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“HIGH FIVE” back at you Nunya! Love ya too!

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Pretty good.

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hiya Nunya! the chances of me having a white Christmas is slim to none, even tho there may be ice… so we shall see :)

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I’d say we Noo Yawkers have a 50% chance of snow by Christmas, and 100% chance by MLK Day.

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Unless my house is carpet-bombed by the paint-and-primer section of the Home Depot, there will be no White Christmas here in Tampa, Florida.

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If it does not come in power form.

Not bloody likely!

Living in South East Florida.

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I miss Florida. At first when I moved there I found it odd to see lights on palm trees, but whenever I am in the cold I want to be back with the palm trees.

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I live in the desert so chances are most likely not unless climate change hit’s

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@master_mind413 What desert is that?

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southern California ( valley ) not a very high chances frost Yes snow No

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G’day Nunya,

Thanks for your question.

Less than 1%. It is summer here. I was going to Jindabyne where there would be a slight chance of snow. It snowed very lightly in 2006.

However, with my Dad being at St George Hospital in Sydney, I could go to visit him for Christmas. It hasn’t snowed in Sydney since 1836 so the chances of a white Christmas are non-existent. link


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How did I never know you were Australian?

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Well… you can pretty much rely on us having a white Christmas in upstate NY. We’ve had snow on the ground for almost a week now.

I couldn’t care less if there was snow on Christmas. But we’ll have it, for sure.

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The chances are pretty good that we will and I hope we do. I want to go sledding!

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Last week we got two feet of snow, and temps dipped as low as -20 F. I think it’s a safe bet we’ll have some snow at Christmas.

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The last time it snowed here was about 48 years ago and that was in January, so our chances are barely more than 0.

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0% to nil! I live in North Carolina (central) and we do get snow, but not until after Christmas. Earliest is the first part of January!

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100% -37 here yesterday and 100 miles north Edmonton was-47C 2nd lowest temp on the planet!!

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About 0%. Has it ever snowed in L.A.?

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I don’t remember the last time I did. I live on the east coast in the U.S., so it’s a little possible. Though, we usually get snow for the first time in late January or sometime in February.

I won’t get my hopes up…

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100%. We have close to 2’ of snow on the ground now & it’s going to be here for months & months.

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No chance. It doesn’t get nearly cold enough, long enough. Shorts and a Hawaiian shirt more likely.

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very very low. although we did have sleet/snow the other week, which is totally rare. so i am still hoping, but remaining level headed =]

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According to the weather site there is a 60% chance of snow 2 days before Christmas. So hopefully we will have a white Christmas.

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0%. Not much snow here in Australia. It will probably be very hot on Christmas day.

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100%...let it snow. :)

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At my house, just about zero. We have only had snow here three times out of the 15 years I’ve lived here, and I’m always asleep when it falls. However, I can see the snow covered Sierras from here and it is a beautiful sight.

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@randomness My cousin lives in Canberra. She says they have salad dishes and BBQ for christmas!!

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@faye Yeah, that’s about right. Every Christmas we have LOTS of salads, and we usually have a BBQ. Ice cream and cold beer are also must-have items.

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Pretty good. It’s snowing in the UK at this moment.

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I learned that central Illinois has a 36% chance of a white Christmas each year. As of right now we have a few days calling for snow within the next week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I seriously get bummed if we don’t have snow on the ground for Christmas. I grew up in Las Vegas and once I moved here and had snow for the first time on Christmas day it felt magical.

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if we do have a White Christmas, will have a romantic evening enjoying the “white stuff!”

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The Snow is here already Nunya but I guess it will have all melted by the time the big day arrives! :-/
+6 Lol…

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Our chance is looking pretty good. The forecast calls for 3 inches this weekend, then a chance on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Yay! :D

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Unless there’s a big melt. 100%.

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Anyone here that lives in the Northeast part of the USA that would like to answer this, what a storm!

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