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What was the worst concert you have ever been to

Asked by pattyb (786points) February 26th, 2008 from iPhone

I recall a Fleetwood Mac concert back in the late 80’s. Internal conflicts they were having at the time came across on stage. Not that they were one of my favorites, but it was pretty bad.

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loretta lynn….she came to a music festival i was at and poor woman looked like she was going to fall of her stool and sounded even worse you couldn’t even make out the words she was saying…but everyother band that played was freaking amazing

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Worst, I’m not sure, but I happened to see Tiny Tim at Bumbershoot in Seattle a little less than a year before he died. (It was an all-day music stage thing and he was on before the band that I really wanted to see—I think it was Crash Test Dummies.) Anyway, He came out pasty white and with his deluxe ukulele and did his thing. When it was time for him to go, though, he would just launch right into the next song. He did this about 10 times and every time, you could see his backup band thinking that that was the last song and get ready to take off their instruments, but before anyone could breathe he’d just start into another one. It was amusing and annoying at the same time.

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I saw The Church in Chapel Hill, NC. They didn’t know how to play their instruments and they only occasionally hit a correct note. I left.

Embarrassingly, my first concert was Styx doing “Mr Roboto”. You know, “domo arrigato, mister roboto, domo….domo….”

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I was pretty disappointed by Ben Harper, who I saw in Philadelphia at the Electric Factory in 1999 (?). Maybe he was having a bad day or something but he didn’t look at or talk to the audience at all, and seemed like he would have rather been almost anywhere but at that show. I was underwhelmed.

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Coheed and Cambria in Atlantic City
Taking Back Sunday in Philly

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dave mathews band in charlotte nc last year… The first time I saw dmb they were phenomenal, but last year they were terrible. Dave played a bunch of his slower songs that no one knew. Eh.

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I saw Powerman 5000 last year which was pretty bad. The band seemed all washed up and just pathetic. Much of the show was them preaching about how they used to be all famous and now they are no bodies. Its a shame too because i was really looking forward to that concert.

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Blues Traveler at a free outdoor concert in Nashville…it was hot outside, a bunch of drunks and we couldn’t understand a word that came out of the man’s mouth. It probably had something to do with the mix and it being outside, but then again, Cake, who played after them, sounded a lot better.

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Guttermouth. I went to their show to see one of the opening bands. We stuck around to see Guttermouth since I had never seen one of their shows before. Unfortunately we didn’t stick around very long because it wasn’t worth it. The lead singer was out of control and asking if anyone in the audience wanted to sell him an 8ball of cocaine. Needless to say the performance was sloppy and I wouldn’t dare try to see them again.

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I remember years ago Roger McGuynn (The Byrds) was booed off the stage as an opening act…This was long after the demise of The Byrds….Again, if memory serves it was at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium…The headliner was Batdorff and Rodney, these guys were great. Having to stomach Roger was the pitts…

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Hawthorne Heights in Wichita

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I hate to say it but actualy Sting was awful,as well as Cheap Trick and oh god I almost forgot who is that band that sings “born to be wild” and “magic carpet ride”
The answer that said “roger mcguinn” was booed off stage, What tragic bad taste, how bad can you get to actualy boo roger mcguinn!

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@Yesican born to be wild and magic carpet ride were by steppenwolf

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One time at warped tour my friends wanted to watch 30 Seconds to Mars and I only stuck around for about 30 seconds because they suck. I proceeded to go get drunk before the good bands played…

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