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Do you still use AOL ?

Asked by pattyb (786points) February 26th, 2008

I remember in the early 90’s plucking down my 25 bucks a month, listening to my modem squeal, and thinking “this is the best invention ever”. Talk about a company that had tremendous skys the limit potential, I know they made piles of money early on , but they really ” Spit The Bit” ” Dropped the Ball” etc. etc. Your thoughts?

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I dropped them a long time ago when they became huge and unwieldy.

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I kept them around when the bring-your-own-access plan was $14 or so a month, and then when they went free I had no reason to ditch them. I don’t use them much, though.

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If you mean as an internet service provider, NO i don’t use AOL—instead I use Optimum Online / Cablevision as my internet serrvice.

But I still some AOL services today like AIM and their customized e-mail addresses

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i had a professor who still used it and i thought it was strange, that maybe he was the last person who still had it…

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I’ve never thought much of AOL. Especially since the Internet became dead easy to get stuff from (~1992?), or even before, they’ve pretty much always served the audience of people who want to network their computer but want it dumbed down, candied up, branded, sanitized, genericized, etc.

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just the webmail.

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