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Why does launch only appear like twice in dragonball z?

Asked by mineown (438points) December 14th, 2009

She appears all the time in Dragonball but in Dragonball Z she is only shone when tien dies and at the end of the series to give Goku energy for a spirit bomb to kill Kid Buu.

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Cause she is unimportant.

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that is because they made her unimportant. They could have easily given her significance. Or at least comedy relief.

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yeah launch wasn’t a very well developed character, i don’t remember much about her other than that. sorry> i imagine that the reason she showed up so little in dragon ball Z is probably because i believe dragonball was done after dragonballz. so they couldn’t have made her a more important character since she didn’t exist until dragonball came out

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