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Can someone please direct me to the Bible category, perhaps the garden category while you are at it?

Asked by texasescimo (151points) December 14th, 2009

Can someone please direct me to the Bible category, perhaps the garden category while you are at it?

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Sure, the Bible category is on the third floor in between Science Fiction and Horror.

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If you add those two things to your profile you will get links to those categories/tags.

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Sorry, no categories here. We have topics, which are just labels people assign to their questions when they ask them. But they’re less formal than ABs categories, since people just tend to pick keywords of their choice. Still, you can browse topics, as @johnpowell just showed you.

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@75movies Shouldn’t it be between Beer and Biology? Assuming they’ve got it organized up there.

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I haven’t had time get the third floor as organized as I’d like.

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How do I respond to the helpful answers as well as the funny answers?

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Any way you please, @texasescimo. People click “Great Answer” according to their own guidelines and impulses. You can click the “thank x for…” link to thank responders privately too. Or you can just post a “thanks” in the thread if you want. Whatever response seems right to you is right.

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@texasescimo :: If it feels good do it!

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I looked in the topic cluster, and there is no “bible” topic, just religion. Adding “bible” to your profile seems to be the only way to get that specific result.

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@Haleth Those are only the most popular topics. If you type “ topic here” you can get any topic that exists.

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Welcome. You can go to the upper right-hand corner of the screen and type a topic keyword in the box next to where it says “search.” Click “search” and you will get a list of people who have that word in their username and questions that have already been asked that have that word in them.

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I am guessing that the way this works is everyone just makes a new answer under the question and it is like a thread of comments under an answer?

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Thank you again answerjill.

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