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If you put one of your family members down on the hippa form can they still find out if you ask the doctor not to?

Asked by crazyandbeautiful (551points) December 14th, 2009

I put my mother down on the hippa form for one of of my doctors. I do not want her to find out information if I should call and ask the doctor a question. Will the doctor tell her I called if she is down on the form?

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Can you be more specific? What form? Is it her form, or yours? Did you indicate you didn’t want her to tell your mother any medical information?

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Doctors are NOT allowed to tell ANYONE about your health unless you have signed forms authorizing that person to be priv vy to YOUR info…. except other doctors and the insurance companies who are involved in your treatment.

You mother or anyone else cannot just call or go in and get info on your condition .

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ah so if i called and asked my question they will not tell her about it. is that correct?

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I am not really up with HIPAA but, I believe, you would have had to give specific authorization for your mother to see your information and that you could revoke that right. I would, just in case, revoke that right in case somehow it is included.

Every place I have worked a patient can state that specific people can be told about, and not told about, their medical information. However, I heartily suggest you discuss this with your doctor. If any of the HIPAA forms do give her consent, if you are deemed legally capable of managing your affairs, you can have this revoked.

Here is a site about HIPAA

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so if i call tomorrow and ask what i need to ask the doctor i can tell them i do not want my mother on the form no longer. is that right?

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@crazyandbeautiful… from what I understand, that is correct. If you have to go further, your doctor can tell you this.

I have never dealt with the HIPAA forms personally but do know that if you have legal charge of yourself, you can do what you want. Unless, via a court decision, you no longer have legal charge of yourself, then, well, you do have it.

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To be sure that no one on your doctor’s staff gives out information that you do not want known, your best best is to put it in writing, sign it and take it to your doctor’s office. While there make sure you tell them what information you do not want your Mother to know so that they can tell other staff members in case you Mother should call in.

But all of this is pretty much a moot point if you are a minor.

If you want your Mother removed from the list of people to be notified of your health information, you really need to put it in writing. Make sure you keep a copy for your own records in case there are any legal repercussions to deal with later on.

When the HIPAA laws were first instituted a few years ago, doctor’s staffs were afraid to even have a sign in sheet at the front desk so a person’s name was revealed, but now things have gotten lax again, and the guidelines are being broken on a daily basis in many offices, so you do need to be careful.

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Doctors do not have the time to call the patient let alone the patients relatives to tell them when the patient has called and asked a question. Adding someone to a HIPPA form gives them the right to call the doctor and inquire about your condition, your medications, or your appointment times and any questions about billing. If you do not want your mother to know these things, provided you are not a minor, take her off the form.

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@chyna no i am not a minor. i am an adult. its just something i do not want her to know when and if i should call my doctors office. this is something i would like private. and if i would like to tell her—> i will. but not now.

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Then I would say your phone calls will be kept private.

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Minors are not afforded the opportunity to sign a HIPAA release. When an adult signs a HIPAA release allowing that their medical information may be shared with another, it is necessary to revoke this permission in writing as well.

If you want your mom to be able to care for you in the event you are not able to do so for yourself (e.g., in an emergency), then are some other legal documents you can sign (living will) that will allow her to help you in that and only that situation.

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