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Question about sex scenes in movies...

Asked by Spargett (5377points) February 26th, 2008

What do they do when there are two people to are both completely naked and clearly grinding genitals? Is there some sort of patch over their genitals, or are they actually making physical contact in that area?

Is there anything they do to keep the male actor from getting an erection? I imagine that’d be hard to avoid considering they’re steamy scenes with beautiful women.

I’m just really curious about the overall logistics of how they do this stuff while maintaining an overall comfort level between the two actors.

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They wear nude colored protective coverings over the genitals. And It is the same as kissing for a play..

I don’t get hard when my female doctor handles my penis.

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You know ive always wondered this myself. I do remember reading a quote from Jack Nicholson about sex scenes. He said that he always tells the woman who he is involved with in the scene “I’m sorry if I get an erection, and I’m sorry if I don’t.”

@johnpowell its one thing when its your doctor its another thing when its some really hot actress.

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@ johnpowell, ive heard they use those nude colored procetive coverings as well.

Also I agree with uberbatman, doctors arnt necessarly the best at keeping you at a comfortable erection making, or if she looks good, holding state.

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In watching a scene from an episode of Sex and the City where Samantha is getting it on, I noticed the elastic band of a nude-colored pair of underwear. The editors must not have caught it.

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they are called pasties or modesty patches.

Bilson said she opted to cover herself – “Yeah, I got the pasties. I was very close to my pasties” – and wasn’t psyched about doing a scene that she’d never get to do on The O.C.

At that party, a group of three men simulate homosexual contact (no nudity); two other women are topless (one wears pasties). Topless women are given screen time in at least two other scenes, one of which is a sex scene. Nude pictures are seen on the covers of pulp fiction novels.

Revealing mistakes: At 1hr 2min 30 seconds into the film, a female character is floating face-up in the water. In the context of the story, she is supposed to be entirely nude. However, the camera inadvertently shows the skin-colored modesty patch that the actress is using to cover her right nipple

Pitt, husband of Friends star Jennifer Aniston, appears naked in the scene.
Not quite, reveals Byrne.
“No, no, he had a modesty patch on,” Byrne confesses.
“One of those ridiculous things.”

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@johnpowell, i guess it depends how hot ur female doctor is

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a follow-up to the ORIGINAL topic, WHY are women in always full nude and male nudity is clearly avoided? I’ve even seen movies that previously had male nudity , later EDITED OUT.

Its a pathetic double-standard, the male body should be shown and appreciated just as much as the female. enough with all the prudishness and shame already. If an actor is willing to go full-frontal, just let him.

I promise his member will not jump off the screen and bite some “innocent” conservative.

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