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Serious teen modeling or something else, you decide?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) December 15th, 2009

A few years back I seen a documentary on pageant girls and with it there was a part about teen models. They explored parents and such who set up teen model sites for their girls. To do something fun, to help her shyness or self-esteem, and to earn money for college was the reason given by quite a few of the parents that would speak to the documentary’s interviewer. Is it real modeling? Would it truly further their girl’s modeling career? Since to get the most out of these sites you have to become a member or for a price it makes one go “uuuummmmm”. Not like the content is well rounded, you be the judge. If a school teacher or peewee softball coach took photos like those of one of his/her students people would be sharpening pitch forks and lighting torches. Some of the poses seem to come right out of a pinup calendar you can super impose some blonde with an aftermarket chest and not miss a beat. The original links suddenly with dead after I posted the original question……..interesting. But like a weed, you really can’t kill it. Off another site speaking of child modeling/erotica the new bud grows. Seeing that the link cannot be posted if you really want to see this is no BS you can find it by doing a yahoo search for “preteen models” hidden in the legit agencies on page 2 you will see “BEST PHOTOS OF PREETEEN MODELS!!!”, this happens to be a Russian site but there are plenty here in the US. Does a legit modeling agency really need over 1,000 photos of the girl in bikinis, booty shorts, heels, minis, and underwear? And where does the wet cotton t-shirt comes in? I never seen anything like that on ATM on Fox.

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I clicked the links you provided and was truly shocked that those kids were posing half-naked and so suggestively. That definitely isn’t modelling, that is a soft porn spread for pete’s sake. That website should be taken down and the photographers be charged with child pornography. Shame on those parents that allow their kids to do that…disgusting.

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Shocking…... & really creepy!

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Hey Joker nice to see ya. Seem like those parents don’t have a clue. huh? C’mon, how do they think they are advancing the careers of their girls. Like agents are really going to pay money to see their stuff.

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@Hypocrisy_Central, I know what you mean, from my perspectave it just looks like parents prostituting their kids for money.

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I have to agree this is disgusting. I do think this is more likely to go to a pedophile’s pornographic collection than it is to showcase the child’s beauty.

Kinda feel like I should take a shower and cry.

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We have a friend whose daughter is a model for Elite and works extensively in Europe. How she got the job was, in high school, on a whim, she and my daughter went to one of those “cattle calls” that modeling agencies have at hotels. You bring pictures, they look at you and your pictures, and they tell you yes or no. They pick a small portion of the audience to advance to the next round of evaluation or competition, usually at the cost of $500— $700 plus hotel. One or two people of the group, the ones who are judged to really have potential, are sent to the next round of evaluation at no cost to the participant. The only thing our friend and her daughter ever had to pay was transportation and a hotel for the trip to NYC the first time to sign contracts, and for the first set of head shots. She’s never done pageants or any other competitions.

As for pagaents, they’re a family bonding experience for people who are obsessed about their daughters’ looks. Drop Dead Gorgeous is an excellent piece of dark satire on the whole beauty pagaent industry.

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OMG!! surely this is a violation of some sort!! i am outraged. Here i was thinking about you talking about girls that are teenagers and you know the type like i am so pretty and i want to become famous and all that. These girls are far to young to be even posing in swim suits. I feel so helpless!! this is so wrong. Bull with the self esteem, bloody parents!!

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Now I have to worry that my wife will check my viewing history online, and wonder why I am looking at mild kiddie porn!

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Yeah, that’s pretty disgusting.

Not only are pedophiles probably visiting these sites every day to masturbate to pictures of these people’s kids, but these girls are going to grow up thinking that beauty is very important, and if they get an ounce of fat on them they’ll think they’re disgusting.

Just like toddler beauty pageants. Have you seen those parents on TV pushing their babies to the point where they cry, forcing them to get spray tans and manicures? I would never do that to my daughter… even though she’s pretty enough to be on a diaper commercial or something. ;D

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I think there are a lot of vultures out there and a lot of crappy parents. Anything to make a buck these days. It is all discusting however someone will always find a loop hole.
I’m not a fan of pageants because I knew a girl who did have a very loving mother but she was obsessed with pageants and had to work two jobs just to be able to pay the fees for these pageants and pay for the clothes, lessons, and pictures. Her daughter (6 years old)told me that my daughter was so lucky. When I asked her why, she sadly said because she gets to be with her mommy because I didn’t have to work all the time and her friends. When I told her that she had a lot of pretty clothes and trophies and toys, she pointed out that they were just things and would gladly trade it all in to be like my daughter. And she said that she could see that I didn’t love her just because she was pretty. Up to then I was thinking of putting her in a pageant because of this little girls mom, and that conversation stopped me cold. Children should never have to perform to feel valued. They should be valued just for being.

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you seem to have a real thing for underage pictures. you posted links in another thread.

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@eponymoushipster What I have is a nack of showing the smoking gun. Many naysayers don’t want to believe there an 3,000lb gorilla in the room because all they see is a banana peel, they only believe it when the gorilla squashes them into the sofa. I wish it were like Iraq WMD, all I have to do is say iot and people would believe without seeing a shread of proof, but sadly that is not the case. There are some who still do not believe glonal warming because the polars caps have not melted away yet.

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yeah yeah, you’re a real impressive fella there, chum. you’re gonna expose the facts and show us all.~ by the way, i wouldn’t go around showing my “smoking gun” to any underage girls, i i were you. also, do you not start replies with your catchphrase?

also, how do i come up with a catchphrase? i was thinking “Whammy!” or “Damn girl, but…”, but they lack a certain something so necessary in coming up with a catchphrase starter line that really makes me seem like a total pompous ass. thoughts?

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@eponymoushipster Bahahahahaha If I didn’t hit a NERVE. And I am not going to sink to the point of dueling insults. If you think different, produce your own smoking gun, popping pistol, ink in the wood, whatever you need to make a point, because the point you make hurling insults…...not a falltering one.

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@Hypocrisy_Central who’s hurling insults? also, what’s “falltering”? i just think it’s funny how with every wave of new users, we get one who’s going to “open everyone’s eyes to the truth”. join the club, bub.

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@Hypocrisy_Central: Right, because providing links to things people have been talking about since the 90s is having ‘a knack of showing the smoking gun.’ You’re not original, and your spelling is atrocious.

What the shit is a glone? Do I live on one?

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