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Do you want the United States to be ruled by a King?

Asked by g1000 (59points) February 26th, 2008

Then why won’t you vote for Ron Paul?

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I thought i was on digg.

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i’m confused.

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its bad enough with an elected president. A monarchy could never be a successful for more than a 100 years. Bad rulers will have power eventually and it would only be a matter of time before they ran the country into the dirt.

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Because Ron Paul has absolutely no chance of winning and my vote has a better effect (in my point of view) being spent on someone who has a chance.

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Your mom votes for Ron Paul.

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If the US was an empire, it should be ruled by an emperor. If the US was a kingdom, it should be ruled by a king. But the US is a cuntry….


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Because Ron Paul is an idealist crank who doesn’t seem to grasp that even if his ideas were likely to work well in the real world, he has to work with the situation as it is rather than the situation as he would like it to be. I agree with a lot of his ideas, but given his character and temperament I think he has about a zero percent chance of bringing them about.

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@evilandbrief… did you just say vote hillary because we are a CUNT-ry? seems kind of crude, no?

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@evilandbrief, Thanks for bringing the level of discourse down to 6th grade level. Where, by “thanks” I mean, take a hike.

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Most people that vote are at or less then the 6th grade level. The DIEBOLD voteing machine is a programable computer that does whatever the programmer wants it to do as far as counting votes. It is called “VOTE SCAM” set up back in the early 80’s. BUSH JR. was never elected in Florida because nobody could get a count on the votes thanks to this machine. Most people are so ignorant of WHO is running for president that they shouldn’t be voteing anyway and MOST of the ones that are running should be in jail or in a nut ward. Try reading the archives at or check out things at the AOL Research and Learn section like 9/11 for a start. Another site is www.don’ that is interesting

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No we will have a president never a king. Even George Washington stepped down because he did not want the US to treat him as king.

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Is good ole JR. a president? Seems to me he illegally sent the National Guard to fight a illegal war and did so without the consent of anyone. What do you call that, Dictatorship or kingship?

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thank you charlie, i think you are the first person who actually understood the wording of this question.

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Attempting a rhetorical flourish worthy of the current administration, I wouldn’t call Bush’s reign a dictatorship, nor a monarchy, simply, “extra-Constitutional.”

Think of it, it’s perfect! People who don’t really know what it means would say, “Well, I guess them fellahs’re extra protective of that thar’ Constitution thingy.” All the while, they could say they were telling the truth about their treatment of that hallowed document.

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Can’t call it Constitutional!! There has been very little Constitutional Law fallowed by the Government since Kennedy was killed in 1964. And the Constitution IS still the Law whether alot of people wish it wasn’t and alot more don’t know a thing about it. which is exactly what the people that wish it wasn’t the Law want us pieons to do. We would have a total DICTATORSHIP today if it wasn’t for the Constitution, or COMMUNISM, take your pick. The Constitution is the only real Law that gives US the right to have this WEB site. Think about it. Freedom isn’t Free

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I didn’t vote for Ron Paul because he doesn’t think global warming/climate change is an issue. Other than that, I liked him.
and that cuntry comment isn’t moving anything forward. these stupid comments on tv all the time about Barack being black and hillary being a woman is really annoying because they seem to say them all with such sincerity and not in a joking manner…. anyway, that sounds a topic for a new thread.

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It looks like is an interesting and somewhat humorous concept, but it’s pretty flawed. Just because I don’t know what people look like, I shouldn’t vote? I don’t get my political education from TV.

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The U.S. was born when people wanted to get away from a King. The last thing we need is another one!

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Burger King?!?!

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No, what would be the point?

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so you think obama as a king yeah?
no, never a king, and no dictatorship.

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