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If gravity can bend 3 dimensional space into a 2D plane, could it also do it with 4 dimensional space into a 3D plane?

Asked by Timebomb (240points) December 15th, 2009


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Space is only 3 dimensional.The 4th dimension is time which is not space.

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There are 10 or maybe 11 dimensions. I was talking about the fourth spacial dimension.

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Gravity bends space into a 2D plane?

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@Timebomb you’re right but only 3 are space,1 is time and the other 6 or 7 are additional dimension

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Maybe there are dimensions to time as well!
That could explain why time passes faster when you’re playing video games or have a project due the next day, but horribly slowly when you have a family reunion with crabby relatives…

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Time Machine take me away!

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Yes: When gravity bends 3D space into a 2D plane the fourth dimension, time, still exists on the 2D plane. So when you bend 4D into 3D you are really only doing the above (3D to 2D) and taking into account an unchanged time dimension.

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Einsteins 2 dimensional spacetime is BS. Even he wasn’t happy with it, and as soon as you insert a second object it falls apart doesn’t it?

And I thought Einstein said space time was interwoven so surely bending one would bend the other?

Time is relative and a perception.

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I thought time was an illusion..?

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