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Are you a nicer driver during the holidays?

Asked by simpleD (3644points) December 15th, 2009

Do you tend to stop or slowdown more frequently to let others out of parking lots or side streets? I think I do. I’m not sure if it’s just because the traffic is worse and I want to help it along, or if I’m reacting to the holiday spirit.

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No. I’m not nice all of the time. :-)

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bahhh humbug!

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Nope, if anything more people are on the road and with that even more bad drivers.

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Good grief, no. Between the weather and the crazy shopping traffic, I’m much grumpier.

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No i try to be a considerate driver all year round, that doesn’t mean i don’t get a little cheesed off at other drivers when they blatently ignore road ettiquette though.

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No.I’m filled with rage.;)

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Yes, only because of the roads though, I still speed and drive recklessly if there are slow asses on the road otherwise and the weather permits.

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I’m only nicer if the roads suck. Other than that, I’m rarely nice to people when driving. I try, but they just piss me off by doing something stupid.

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Ask my cruse control.

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I show the same consideration as I do all year, although at times I have to be a little more aggressive over the holidays because everyone seems some drivers are more in a rush during cold weather and think its ok to cut in front of you at the last minute and then you have the ones that like to drive 10 miles under the speed limit in a one lane when nothing impedes them.

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No, but I am a bit more cautious since people on the road tend to be a little more fucktarded than usual. Considering how people drive in Seattle already (especially if there has been snow), that is saying a lot.

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I’m definitely a more careful one.

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I’m a nice driver the majority of the time, I can’t stand it when other people won’t let you in or cut you off, etc. so I drive how I expect other people to drive

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I’m the same. It just so happens that other people aren’t. I don’t drive too passively or aggressively. I drive safely and I don’t like cutting people off unless they are driving really slow

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@davids – You drive illegally though, so you have to drive nice.. LOL

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