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Car insurance problem?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6594points) December 15th, 2009

So I was in an accident about 3 weeks ago. It was the other persons fault. So I had to rent a vehicle because my car was totaled. So anyways the other persons insurance company said they would pay for a car for me. Well now a week after I have returned the vehicle the insurance company is saying they will not cover the collision insurance on the rental (the fee you pay for being under 25 years of age) so this total comes to about 200 something dollars.
So I am not a lawyer or anything but it seems like there is something wrong with this. First off they didn’t mention anything about not covering these charges while I was renting it, only after. They knew I was under 25. And second, since their person is at fault it seems like they should cover the cost of providing me a vehicle and since I am under 25 and have to pay this fee anywhere I go this would be included.
So, if they refuse to cover all the fees of me renting a vehicle should I take them to court? Seems like I have a good case, but I don’t know what the precedent is on this. And if I don’t sue the car insurance company, should I sue (or try to work it out) with the people who are responsible for the accident?

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File it under your insurance and your company will subrogate the loss and will reimburse your deductible!

Also, you might call them before you do this and tell them your neck has been hurting since the accident. True story, had a wreck 40 years ago, thought i was fine, and a few years later, started having neck problem. Still have them. If you tell them this, they will probably pay ASAP.

Worked claims for 25 years, if you have any more questions, please let me know!

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So let me make sure I understand this. Subrogate means I ask my insurance company to cover what the other insurance company didn’t. And then leave it up to my insurance company to sue the other one?

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You definately ned to consult an ATTORNEY as soon as possible !! Do NOT wait !!

Then; file a claim with your own insurance company…...

Note: The more your neck and / or back are “Hurting” .. the better it is for you…..

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lol my neck and back are not hurting, and its only 230 dollars. And I do not want to pretend like they are to get something special. I just want them to pay for the rental car that I needed to get around and keep up with my responsibilities.

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@LKidKyle1985 Then call your own insurance company and file the claim…. and / or file a Small Claims Case…

That should get you back your $$$$ ...

What a shame there aren’t more HONEST people out in the world like YOU !!

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understood, mine neck was not hurting either…...but, you know your body better than anyone. that is your call!

we are just giving the information to get your rental paid.

again, file it under your company and they will subrogate the loss. No suit will be filed. They do this everyday. Simple process!

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excuse me, understood, my neck was not hurting either…sorry about that..seniorist!

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Either go through your insurance company and let them battle it for you or tell them flat out that you will take them to small claims court, and then do it. Insurance companies try to screw over people all the time because they know that most people won’t fight back. I would put all of it in writing and cc the insurance commissioners office (make sure it shows the cc on the letter or email). I’ve had to fight the fight with them a couple of times when someone hit my son’s car and also when someone hit me. Don’t back down until you get what is due to you.

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