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How do you feel about global warming?

Asked by elman25 (159points) February 26th, 2008 from iPhone
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Yeah, I don’t much believe in it. But for argument sake, say it does exist. How long will take to be devistatingly bad, and by the time it does happen, won’t it just be considered the norm by the people who are around then? I know I can’t tell a difference between as far back as I can remember and now. That’s 21 years btw, which isnt that long, but global warming has become a big deal in that time frame and the only change ive noticed is panic by some people.

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you should look into the melting of polar ice caps
it’s pretty real. . .

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Wow. I’m surprised how cavalier some of you are about this. Global warming is probably one of the major problems we’ll face in our lifetimes, and it will continue to be a huge issue for hundreds of years to come. Among the predicted consequences are mass extinctions, disruption of food chains, slow but continual rise in sea levels, to the point that some communities (some islands, for example, and also some major cities in the longer term), will underwater in the foreseeable future.

Especially daunting are the facts that it takes a long time to make any changes, so even if we stopped emitting CO2 now, we would still suffer many of these consequences. In other words, once it gets started (and it has), it takes a lot to slow it. Second, the environment is so complex that any change can have unexpected effects. For example, the ocean’s ph seems to be changing as a result of the CO2 in the atmosphere, giving rise to more jellyfish and less of everything else.

To answer your question, I’m very worried.

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i don’t see how anyone can even dare to say it’s a haux. can you be that ignorant?

sure, certain aspects might be fabricated by certain people but. . .

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