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I suffer from chronic fatigue, any suggestions on how to combat this?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) December 15th, 2009

I do live in a pretty mellow locale, hawaii. And it’s conducive to chillin’, but I’m beginning to grow roots.

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Do you have CFS or is the fatigue from a different medical root? I ask because my advice might change based on the answer

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Extract of Korean Gensing once per day, and discipline yourself to exercise for at least 30 minutes, three times a week. After two months of this, you should notice a marked improvement.

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I believe it comes from Hepetitis C. I’m tired all the time. It sucks, I swim, run, and try to eat right. Even take a mild stimulant that helps, but still. Guess I need more excercise.

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Why would you suspect hep-C?

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Have you checked your thyroid? Normal range for TSH is something like .5–5, and a regular GP will many times see you in normal change and dismiss a hypothyroid diagnosis, but an endocrinoligist would not want anything above 3.5 (the higher the slower your thyroid, it is the reverse of what many assume). If mine is above 4 I can sleep for 12 hours and my muscles ache horrible, with cramping and weakness, and I get the shakes if I use my arms for more than an hour, and feel like my legs will crumble below me if I am on my feet for more than 3 hours.

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I have the same problem but mine is due to a chemical imbalance due too past excessive drug use once I got off the drugs my energy dropped below zero, doctor said it could take any were from 10–30 years for it correct itself it has been almost 20 ive learned to live with it but one thing I have noticed that seems to help me is “fish oil supplement” I take a 1000 MG’s a day every day and it seems to make the day go a lot easier

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iron… slow release fe

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I agree with @Samantha_Rae Get your iron checked. It helps me immensely with fatigue when I get my iron up into more normal levels.

And, I forgot get your vitamin D tested. If you use sunscreen when out in the sun you are blocking D.

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I have just added extra B12 to my mix and I feel like a new person!!

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My dad had hepetitis, and he had to eat a very careful diet. It has been years, so I do not remember all the details but he had a healthy amount of energy until he got to the last few years of his life. The liver filters everything you eat so you may be eating things that make it difficult to function. Your hepetitis already is giving your liver extreme stress. Stick to mostly fruits and vegetables. I think there are some rememdies for hep C but I’m not sure. I’m sure you’ve spoken to your doctor. And before trying andy herbs or medications, check with your doctor and then pharmasist. Doctors don’t always know side affect or drug interactions. I know this through some personal mistakes doctors have made with me. Of all the best vitamins , C and E will help to flush free radicals out of your system and help it get stronger. And make sure to get as much sleep as you can at night at a decent time if you can. Going to bed at 1 and sleeping till 8 may still leave you tired. Studies have shown that for every hour before midnight you got to bed that it equals more bed time. So lets say you go to bed at 10 but wake up at 6, then its like you had 10 hours of sleep instead of 8.
I hope this helps you out. I know through my dad how horrible a disease this is.
Best of Luck.

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@truecomedian have you been tested for hep C?? there is a s**tload of difference.

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It’s Hep C, I just started treatments for it. The injections, and pills, it’s all supposed to make one quite ill. Still feeling pretty good, but I just started. I shared a dirty needle, about five years ago, the only time I shot up. Was a real low part of my life. I hope the treatment works and I can undo some of the damage.

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I’m sorry to hear that. Naomi Judd was able to get better after having a diagnosis of Hep C. Hep C is kind of a scary form of hepatitis from what I understand. Here is a link I found to an old article she wrote

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