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I need advice about Guitar Hero software & controller compatibility for Wii?

Asked by ftp901 (1315points) December 15th, 2009

If you are a Guitar Hero expert, can you please explain this is layman’s terms:

I want to buy a Guitar Hero controller (the plastic guitar) for someone who has Guitar Hero 4: World Tour for Wii. They already have one guitar & I’m getting a second one. So, what I want to know is: should I be looking for a certain guitar that is compatible with Guitar Hero 4 or will any Guitar Hero controller suffice? (are there certain guitars depending on the version of the game you have)?

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If your friend has the Wii console, then you need to get the guitar specifically made for the Wii. Xbox and Playstation guitars won’t cut it due to the difference in wireless connection.

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Thanks – that much I knew but do you know if there are different Wii guitar controllers for Guitar Hero 3 vs. Guitar Hero 4?

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Ah, totally misread the question.
I don’t have the Wii, but I’m pretty sure any Wii guitar will be compatible with Guitar Hero 4.

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yes there are differences we got guitar hero world tour for wii but had an old guitar hero guitar controller from the guitar hero aerosmith last year and there were a lot of features we could not use on world tour because of the difference in guitar function the world tour guitar has more buttons and features that are not available unless you get that specific guitar

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You have to buy a guitar compatible for Wii and also compatible for World should say on the box.

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