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I feel I'm too freespirited, flirtatious, and apathetic to be in a relationship now, is this normal?

Asked by Blackberry (30929points) December 15th, 2009

I don’t feel satisfied in any relationship after awhile, and I’m not going to just go around and break hearts. I think I should just get a second job or go to school since money and learning are the only things that seemingly make me happy, is this a good idea?

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If it makes you happy it can’t be a bad idea.

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yep, i agree. whatever makes you happy. if you dont wanna be in a relationship, then there’s no reason to be. :)

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Yes, it’s totally normal.
Never go into a relationship unless YOU feel that it’s the right time to do so.
Being “single” really isn’t as abnormal as society makes it out to be so don’t feel bad.

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My guess is you either just got dumped or you can’t get a date, either of which would make your present feelings completely normal!

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Beats the heck out of being dull and living a mundane lifestyle with somebody you’re just flat not into. Kick up your heels and live man….live it up! Don’t feel guilty about how you feel right now and keep in mind that you’re not getting any younger. Remember, this rollercoaster only goes around once.

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@Cruiser i think this is a normal train of thought outside of those circumstances as well. very normal really.

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@deni I dunno deni, learning is noble but that and or money as a facsimile to a satisfying relationship seems…. shallow! But in the wake of a good heart stomping…understandable!

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@Cruiser I don’t know…I was single for years even though I had many opportunities to date. I just didn’t feel like being in a relationship was worth my time or effort. could be the same case here.

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@seekingwolf I see your point especially if money and education are attainable goals which I think both can play a role in the psychological stamina of any male in pursuit of a long term relationship!

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@Cruiser or female. I’m a gal.

I’m currently in a relationship but I certainly don’t need to be. :) I was single forever because I didn’t like anyone I was meeting and was just too busy with schoolwork to date. Well, I was happy though.

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How can someone apathetic be flirtatious??

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I’d say it sounds like you are more interested in a relationship with yourself for right now and that is never a bad thing.

Get to know yourself and accomplish your own goals first and you will have far more to offer someone else later.

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@seekingwolf My apologies Seeking! Yes both M/F can have other reasons for needing time out from commitments but since Blackberry did offer a second job as his current coping method that says to me a lack of money has been his roadblock in his success in his relationships. I know that is a knee jerk summation but that is also why I don’t get paid for my thoughts either!!! ;)

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Normal is what most people agree is acceptable.

But just because most people find something acceptable
it does not mean that standard has to apply to you.

If you’re comfortable with the way you are, that should be good enough.

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That’s a great idea! Having fun and accomplishing things as a single person can be a lot more fun than being in a relationship. So can playing the field. I think you should travel around and have an adventure if you can.

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Yes,it’s a great idea!You only live once,why not pursue the things that interest you.Relationships can wait :)

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It is normal. It might be different in 10 years. There is a time for everything.

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@Cruiser You’re right about me not being satisfied with my income and wanting to have more to offer for myself and a long term relationship later on :)

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@faye I didn’t elaborate. I become apathetic once in a relationship, I’m always flirtatious though, which of course people don’t appreciate in their mates.

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@Blackberry I’m so smart!!! I only know this because no matter how much money you make, it will never be enough for you or for your S/O All you get is bigger Visa statements!

My advice would be to come to terms with what you can bring to the table in your relationships…and IMO, it’s what is in your heart and in your head that matters most, not what’s in your wallet.

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@Cruiser Very true. I don’t want to be rich, but just make ‘enough’ so I’ll just work towards being comfortable.

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@Blackberry Atta boy!! Best to you!

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If it enriches your life, go for it.

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