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Why have we not invented a better distribution vessel for toothpaste?

Asked by figbash (7463points) December 15th, 2009

I hate the tube. It’s messy and it’s inefficient. I’ve also optimistically tried the other attempts at toothpaste dispensary – the pump and various takes on the squeezie bottle. It seems those are still messy and they never go anywhere. We always wind up back with the ol’ tube. Why can’t we find something better? What do you think would be the optimum toothpaste distribution method?

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because the old one works fine ?

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The tube is extremely simple and cheap to manufacture. Why spend extra money on the packaging if you don’t need to? If they wanted to make a pump or something, they’d probably be spending 10x as much on packaging.

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He he. Distribution vessel

I waste tons of toothpaste because trying to get the paste out towards the end frustrates me. I’m open to a new type of vessel.

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I don’t know how we could get much better than the tube or the one with the pump handle…

The only better one would be a toothbrush that automatically put its on tootpaste on…..

There are key like devices that you can buy to put on the tooth paste tube . You wind the “Key” as the toothpaste goes down , and saves you from wasting so much…

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What type do you think would work? A mustard jar-like scenario? I honestly can’t think of one that would work as “well” as the tube. this could also be because it’s late and my cold medicine has kicked in

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If they fix the toothpaste tube what will us old marrieds have to fight about?

Don’t think of it an an inefficient delivery of toothpaste think of it as a highly effective lightening rod for petty arguments.

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They should make one like those Listerine strips… tear off a piece… place it on the toothbrush… brush away…

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I agree that the tube is simple and cheap – it’s just that it can drip all over the place, the hole can clog with dried toothpaste, the cap can get lost and then it’s a pain to squeeze it evenly so you get the most out of it. And it’s an odd shape to try and prop up on your sink. I dunno. It’s not the hugest problem in the world, but you think they would have come up with something better by now . . .

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I only buy toothpaste that comes in this kind of packaging. I keep it upside down and let gravity do all the work for me. It’s really easy, not messy at all, and I don’t waste any. I never understood why it hasn’t caught on more.

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How about a foam? That might work. This is a GQ by the way

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i saw a commercial the other day for an automatic release toothpaste dispenser… it looked like you put it on a mirror and put a tube in it and somehow it dispenses? i didn’t get it but it’s funny you ask this question….

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I use toothpaste for sensitive teeth, and I swear it hardens soo much and makes me tube all nasty right away.
I just saw Sensodyne’s new iso-active foam. I’m excited to try it.

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There’s got to be a better way. Introducing Touch N Brush!

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@AstroChuck : yup, that’s the one! thanks.

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removed by me

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I like my vessel.

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