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Anywhere to get really cheap NFL jerseys online with free shipping?

Asked by buckyboy28 (4948points) December 15th, 2009

So it’s crunch time and I waited until the absolute last minute. I’m looking for a cheap NFL jersey online (doesn’t even have to be a real one), and I am looking to order it before Christmas. I would like to spend about $20 bucks on it, and get free shipping.

I tried doing a Google search, but no luck…...

Anywhere anyone knows of that I should be looking?

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You could try Ebay. I can’t guarantee that they would be “official” though.

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Edit: There is a golden triangle—time, quality, price. Pick 2. Ebay’s probably your only bet. Perhaps a pawn shop?

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maybe dicks sports online. They have a lot of stuff.

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google it, it is different to find out

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