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What do you do in a relationship when religion is not common ground?

Asked by familia_guy (9points) February 26th, 2008 from iPhone
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Relate to people as people.

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find other meaningful common ground. I have dealt with this before. Eventually, the religion difference can be looked upon as a respectful difference of faith or opinion.

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I am in a mixed-religion marriage and the most important words are accomodation and compromise. Mutual respect is also crucial.

You can raise children in two faiths but it does get complicated as they get older and you will find that you have to gravitate one way or the other. Logically it follows that as this happens someone is going to be somewhat unhappy.

It’s fun sharing traditions and beliefs and the difference does provide grist for many jokes and misunderstandings (“what is the sneaker holiday?—Yom Kippur, by the way) !

But if you know that your beliefs and/or ethnic traditions are going to be an issue going down the road, tread very carefully.


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As Zaku stated “Relate to people as people.’


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That’s a tough one on a touchy subject. I don’t know how important religion is to you but I’d imagine that you would be concerned enough to ask this question. Consider how much more important it is having the “right” heart over doing the “right” thing. If you deny all that you stand for, for someone you love i’d say that’s a pretty risky compromise but at the end of the day you want to say to yourself that I stood up for what I believed in whether it is love or fill in the blank.

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