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Why does Colin McRae DiRT stop working?

Asked by Fred931 (9409points) December 16th, 2009

My computer is an old Dell running XP SP3. Recently, while trying to play DiRT, the game hangs as it tries to load a race. That’s pretty mich it; I’ve tried all different kinds of cars, tracks, liveries, it’s all broken. Cleaning physically the CD didn’t do anything. I would reinstall it, but I can’t find that damn product key. This is maybe the 10th time I’ve lost one and I’m sick and tired of it What should I try now?

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Get it for Xbox 360, it works fine on that :D

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What’s the model number of the Dell?

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Dimension 8400. It’s olllllllllllllllllld, man. New sound card and video card, upgraded HD, and a broken plastic case.

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if the game never played then your hardware can’t do the job. if it did play and then broke somehow download a craked version of the .exe file and try running it without the cd. Colin McRae DiRT is known for its premature release and many bugs.

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@Sebulba do you mean a No-CD crack?

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If you did, I tried it and the problem is still occurring.

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Before you chuck it out as trash, try booting up and after everything has loaded, hover the mouse over each icon in the Windows Task Bar at the lower right of your screen. Lots of programs load applets there so they can quick launch. Each takes up memory and system resources. If there are any you know you can run without, right click them and if they give you the option, close them. While closing an important one like your mouse controls can create trouble, don’t worry too much about it. You can always reboot and get them all right back.

I run my system light like that all the time. Most of them reload anyway if you launch the full application they are meant to support. I found running light fixed problems with Firefox continually crashing on me.

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I do that every time I boot up, @ETpro.

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Did it start to hang after you installed SP3?

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@Fred931 Drat! I didn’t think that was likely to solve it for you, but if you didn’t already do it as a routine, it’s worth a try.

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