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If it was proved that there was no life after death. In what way would this alter your behaviour?

Asked by Blackknight999 (303points) December 16th, 2009

I would suggest that many people’s behaviour may be affected by their fears or uncertainties at what may exist beyond their death. Especially religious folk. Let’s now say that there is evidence beyond any doubt that there is nothing afterwards. How do you behave now? Would you actually behave any differently? If so – in what way?

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Not much. I already live my life on the assumption that the notion of an afterlife is a product of wishful thinking. It would probably only make me smug about having been right.

I may not belong to the demographic you intended to address.

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I would behave the same as I am now. The only difference would be that I won’t feel so bad when I fall off the narrow path every now and then.

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No, my behavior would not change. It is everyone’s responsibility to behave in a manner which does not infringe upon the rights of others while maintaining our own rights. Even if you knew there was nothing after death, living by the basic principle’s as if there was, (love your neighbor, not killing, not stealing, etc.) would only serve to make the here and now more pleasant. I am not claiming to succeed in doing this all the time, and it would be naive to think everyone else would…but I DO try.

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My behavior wouldn’t change because I already believe there is no afterlife.

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Come to think of it…
Some religious people I’ve talked to contended that people turn into immoral, ruthless sociopaths if they don’t believe in any celestial bonus level. So if it were ever proven there is no afterlife, I think we might have a crowd of really scary (formerly) religious madmen to worry about.

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I wouldn’t behave differently, I don’t think. Actually, I think maybe I would try harder to accomplish more meaningful things. Personally meaningful, like doing things w/my grandkids (& kids, for that matter), to build good memories.

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Not one whit.

Live each day as if it’s your last.

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It wouldn’t. Why would I treat my fellow beings any differently? We all still have to live here together and get along while we’re alive. What happens once I’m gone has no bearing on that.

I never needed to be in a state of fear of a supernatural being or the promise of a reward afterward to “keep me in line”, as it were.

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My own belief is that when we die, we’re gone. So, no. I try to be a good and moral person for my own benefit, not for some imaginary eventual reward.

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I would behave ALOT more crazy than I already do….and probably be in jail alot quicker too!anyone you want me to say hello to while I’m there?

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@lucillelucillelucille Yes. Cruiser. Cause he’s about to be nicked for wearing womens clothing and creating a public disturbance. lol You know the thread.

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Carpe diem baby! Always has been and will be the policy. Live your life now, just do it!

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My behaviour wouldn’t change at all. I am a non-believer and believe when you die, you’re dead. The End. I would carry on the same boring, mundane life I do now.

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Since I have never seen any duplicatable evidence to suggest there is life after death, I believe there is none. So proof of it wouldn’t change my life one bit.

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Nothing would change but at least I could say I told you so.

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I would at first feel free to do all the evil things I’ve always wanted to do.. like punch my boss in the face… smoke some dope.. go on a bender… .. then I’d probably feel a bit depressed that our life is nothing but respiration and procreation… then I’d get over it, move on.. and eventually die a happy old man knowing that my moral code.. whether based on something false or not… resulted in me being a good man, a good father, a good grandfather, a good husband, and a good brother.

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It has been proven to my satisfaction. There is nothing to alter.

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And a bad employee. :P

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@Fyrius Nah.. my moral code would kick in eventually.. I’d apologize and buy my boss dinner.. even after being fired and sent to jail for assault.. XD

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Makes no difference. You still should be striding to survive how best it suits you.

My dad always says…
Do you remember before you were born?
You wont remember after you die.

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@Blackknight999 -Everytime I’ve had to share a cell with him ,my panties come up missing!!lol!

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I told you to watch cops. They know all the! BUT Cruiser? Who knows! lol!

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nothing would change except my will to see the proof for myself and test with controlable variables, if we are talking scientific. May involve dying tho.

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I volunteer to be your control by not dying.

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Not a terrible lot. Although it would give me a bit more spare time. I would no longer be arguing with people about the existence of an afterlife.

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I would begin to masturbate chronically.

oh. wait a minute. i guess it wouldn’t change anything.

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I would probably not change thing. I wouldn’t believe the sources unless they had hard evidence like a portal or something that could take me there or actually show me. I wouldn’t believe them otherwise.

But if I did see that it was real, I still don’t think I would change.

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If there was no life after death then i would have the free will and i would not be the same person as i will do whatever is against the wishes of the higher self.

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Note to self. Never, ever enter @Blondesjon‘s radio studio! At least, not without surgical gloves, and even then….

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No difference. That’s what I assume anyway.

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