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If you were guaranteed honest answers to three specific questions, of whom would you ask them and which three questions would you ask?

Asked by Rufus_T_Firefly (3817points) December 16th, 2009

Why did you get passed over for that big promotion at work? What has your lover not told you? Who keeps leaving the toilet lid up? Is someone not telling you the whole truth? Do you suspect that someone care about or work with has lied to you or misled you but you just don’t have any real proof? We all have things we’re just dying to know. Which questions would you like answered?

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Always be careful of asking questions which require a truthful answer. The kindly ones are notorious for answering (truly) with answers that cause more harm than good.

Heck, the Scottish Play was at least ⅔ trouble caused by the Erinyes’s answers.

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I’d ask George Bush about 9/11.

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My question would be WTF to the following people.

OJ Simpson
Whoever wrote the last sopranos episode

drum roll please

I’m that deep.

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I’d ask GW Bush how many hours a day he worked when he was in the White House.

I’d ask G Bush how many times he lied to congress.

I’d ask Tiger Woods how many.

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I would ask:
1. Glen Beck really believe all the conspiracy theories, or does he just like to hear himself talk
2. Rush Limbaugh really homosexual or just 3 bad marriages
3.What really is eating Gilbert Grape

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I would ask:
1. Lee Harvey Oswald – Whoreallydunnit?
2. Someone important at area 51 – wtf chuck?
3. Einstein – What do you really think the meaning of life is?

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