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Is you library within walking distance? Do you go often and check out the book and/or movies?

Asked by NUNYA (3207points) December 16th, 2009

I go to the Library once a week. Wonder if anyone else does it as well! :-)

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Haven’t been to the library in about a year. I use the internets.

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Yes, the last time I went, was a week ago. About 3 times a month I go to the library.

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I go when my parents visit, which is only 3 times a year. Usually we actually go to the main library which is a good 25–30 minutes away. If there was one closer to me, the closest one is 15–20 minutes away, I might go more often.

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Well, I go to the library every now and then. Calling it “my local library” might not be so accurate because it’s the biggest library in the city, but I do like to go there sometimes.

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Twice a week, on average. I love it. There are original Tiffany stained glass windows and comfortable chairs.

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Yes, we go about every three weeks, that’s as long as you can keep the books checked out. Sometimes we go more often because our library has a really good video and cd collection too, but those can only be checked out for one week.

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All the time. At least once per week. I read a lot, always have, and have always loved the library. I borrow DVD movies and CD music, too. And I don’t have a computer printer, I seldom need one and can print at the library for $0.15/page. There’s a wonderful library within walking distance of my place.

Sadly, with budget cuts, they have un-shelved items stacked everywhere. Union rules won’t allow volunteer groups to pick up the slack, so I’m a guerrilla librarian . I try to re-shelf 10 items for every one I borrow.

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@gradyjones I know what you mean about the movies. I do that from time to time as well! We get to keep our books/videos for 6 weeks. Really small town though. Thanks!!! (((HUG)))

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I visit the library 2x a month, love the I love the texture and odor of books

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I go to the library at least once a week. I can check out material for 2 weeks. I usually don’t need 2 weeks to finish the books or watch the DVDs. When I get a call that a book I requested has arrived I go to pick it up….that’s why I visit my library at least once a week.

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No, it’s about three or four miles away. I go over there frequently.

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It’s pretty close, I go to it often. It’s pretty small though, and doesn’t have that many books, and no English books. :/

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Walking distance from work…I was there 2 days ago, but I didn’t walk.

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The nearest branch of my local public library is not within walking distance. I don’t go to the public library much, anymore. I spend more time in the med school library.

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Last time I were in one was with my kid. Me, last time I went for a book for me, might be around 9 years back. I do whatever I want to on the internet and I rather buy a good book that I really want.

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It’s 9˚ F and I am going out only to pick up mail and to go to our charming, magical little library.

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For fiction books, I actually prefer buying them at local used bookstores. It supports them (as opposed to the big chains), and I get to own the books.

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Mine is the county library about 10 miles west. Go about every 2 weeks to get new books. old or new

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I have a terrible librarian fantasy!!! Whats’ worse is there is no porn site to scratch my itch!

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