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Is anarchism just an ideology for petty bourgeois people who dont really have any solutions?

Asked by Civic_Cat (530points) December 16th, 2009

This is actually a favour to Yahoo! Answer profile justgoodfolk, one of the best persons in that troll-ridden site. He asked me to give an answer but I was a bit late.;_ylt=ArDA8SLBfuGTgiOWN1B6ziTpFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20090820061828AArhSrk

Here it is on AB:

I will forward link of this thread to him.


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you mean is it some fanciful ideology, dreamt up by spoilt yet disaffected members of the bourgeoisie….?

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@Civic_Cat. First off,
in my first comment to the first answer to a question I asked (2nd so far) in Fluther,
am I doing this correctly: using the ”@” before my name?

Second, thank you for your answer.

Third, I think this might be an attack on libertarianism, though I suppose it could be used against some of the “protesters” and hippies. In the Yahoo! Answers question, it seems to include a back and forth on a Trotskyite I know there, and this Australian lady who claims to be anarchist—maybe is, however her behaviour is erratic—even beyond what can be accounted for in classiacl ideas of anarchy.

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I know a good amount of anarchists, mainly working in academics. These people put out a large amount of scholorly work and do propose solutions. The most famous might be David Friedman (son of Milton), while the most prolific was Murray Rothbard (died ‘95 or ‘96).

If you want to see a specific solution, check out the Seasteading Institute, founded by Patri Friedman (grandson of Milton, former Googler).

There are many more of them, but they are considered radicals thus not worthy of debate in mainstream news.

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