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Do you buy Christmas gifts for your pet?

Asked by NUNYA (3207points) December 16th, 2009

Many people think of their pets as “part of the family” and I wonder if you buy your pet a gift for their stocking and/or wrap presents to put under the tree as well.

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No. I just spoil her rotten that day.
Besides, she never buys me any presents. Bitch.

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@Vunessuh ROFL! Thanks! Great Answer!!!!!

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yes in my family the pets are a part of the family they usually get one present and a plate of food to enjoy with us during dinner.

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Yes, guilty. I buy my twelve year old pooch peanut butter Hip Action dog treats (with Glucosamine and Chondrotin for his little hips), and the kitteh gets a brand new knitted catnip ball which is filled with some pretty potent catnip. I’ll toss in a squeaky toy for the pooch and that’s about it.

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Sure!All three get something.They’re good babies :))

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We have cats. If I don’t produce a present they will eat my face off while I sleep. they’re sneaky like that

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@shadowofdeath So sweet! Thanks!
@jmah I am guilty as well! But my little dog loves to tear open her gifts and she digs at the stocking stuffer until she gets it out. It makes a great game for her. She just turned 2. I had another dog but recently put her to sleep. She was 17 yrs old. Thanks for your answer!!!

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Hell no. She doesn’t know it’s Christmas! She has enough fun just playing with all the ribbon anyway.

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Nope. She is too spoiled as it is. Last thing she needs is a holiday giving her a sense of entitlement.

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Definitely, my cats all get their own stocking with new toys in them. Plus they get to play in all the wrapping paper that has been tossed on the floor that morning.

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The dogs get homemade treats, the barn cat comes in for a bath, food and a hair cut and cuddle time if she lets us.
The horses all get new stall toys filled with all kinds of treats.

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OMG ; YES; I buy my puppy gifts on Christmas !
He’d be devastated if I didn’t . Last year; first thing on Christmas Morning , he ran to the tree, right where his stuff was , and just sat there looking back at me as if to say .. “Gimme my Presents !” ...

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Milo here; I’ll probably get Gail a modest gift.

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Heck yes, she deserves presents too! She always gets a few new toys since she wears out the other ones. It’s just as fun opening presents as it is to watch her freak out with a few new toys for the next few days :) Maybe that’s what parents feel like when they see their kids open presents….

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Yes, my dog and each of the pets I house sit for will get a little something from me.

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Yes, definitely. I have two cats and they always get something. It might be a new toy with catnip or a scratcher, but they always get something. :)

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Come on… I mean it is a free world.

I can take one of his toys, wrap it up and he would be happy.

Do not know if happy is the right word. Since it does not matter.

Besides, I give my dog toys all the time. Do you think he has the Christmas spirit?

Just another day of eating, sleeping in the shower, attacking me when I am sleeping and making a mess in my back yard. :-)

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@ChazMaz Awww! You seem to love your dog so much!

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Yes, we get always get them a new toy and a new rawhide bone. They love Christmas too!

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@erichw1504 – You have no idea. :-)

That little bastard!

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We usually give our dogs some beef hide or anything else we can find that they can spend a while chewing on.

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@gailcalled If the cat doesn’t like getting their nails cut already, what makes you think they’ll cooperate in that thing?!

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@shadowofdeath That really is cute! I’ll bet your pets are quite happy.

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I just got a new puppy about a month ago. I get her toys all the time, not just around Christmas! :-)

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I’ll usually buy them a toy or a treat. I don’t wrap it. My mom used to have little stockings for the animals, but I don’t waste my time buying mine stockings or wrapping the gifts – I don’t mind spoiling them, but they don’t give a crap if it’s wrapped or not.

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Nah, my dogs are Jewish. :)

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@Dracool – Now my dog would luv to have a Dradle.

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Yes, we did (my “puppy” died last year at 14½ yrs old). Although we gave her toys & special doggy treats throughout the year, we did get her 2 or 3 treats & toys that we’d gift wrap. This way after watching us unwrap gifts & being all happy, she got to unwrap her gift and be a part of it. (We don’t have children so she was our “baby” to be spoiled.) Now that she’s gone, I’m so glad we did (we miss her so much her name is still on the gift list).

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Of course. They have their own stockings, which get filled with new toys, and snacks.

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@gailcalled Last year, Frankie presented me with a mouse, minus the head. Lovely. :) Merry Christmas to his Momma. He was quite proud of himself.

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of course they are family also , every single one of them has a stocking and every one of them gets it filled each year with treats and toys, one of my cats knows this and try’s to sneak in the stocking every year

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I once had a dog named Toby. he was a minature poodle, color white. Christmas time was spoil Toby time. no gifts for Toaby, only a king size stocking filled with Hersheys Kisses. Toby was demanding for his kisses and dared anyone to touch his stocking. he was a cute little dog and we loved him to death. he is missed.

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toby died from Hershey kisses ? because thats what will become of him for eating them

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Yes! We have always bought our cats treats and a new toy or two, and feed them Fancy Feast wet food (normally they’re fed Friskies, so Fancy Feast is a treat) for Christmas dinner. I just adopted a cat a few months ago and it’ll be his first Christmas, so I went a bit overboard buying him a ton of feathery toys and a nice fluffy cat bed for his Christmas gifts. I think pets are part of the family, so even if they don’t “know” it’s Christmas they should still be included in the fun!

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Mine get Christmas gifts but just a few days later. Every year, even in pet stores, all the Christmas stuff goes on sale for 30–50 percent off immediately following.

Since they don’t know one day from another, this way I can get them more presents for less. Why not? They still get them, just a few days later.

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@john65pennington Chocolate kills dogs!!!!!! I guess you know that now though.

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@HighShaman ROFL! Just like a kid….....“give me presents”! lol
@BraveWarrior Sorry for your loss. I know the hurt!! My dog was 17 yrs old and I put her to sleep on Dec 12, 2008. It was a real tough Christmas!
@john65pennington I know how you feel hun!!! Merry Christmas! (((HUG)))

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No, my pets are animists.

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@BraveWarrior My condolences to you… I’ve been there and experienced the pain and hurt that it causes us to lose one of our “kids” ...

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@NUNYA and @HighShaman Thanks so much! Your messages were very sweet and kind and very appreciated.

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@Dr_Dredd yes they are quite happy especially my kitty who is baked on catnip the entire day

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No, because my fish didn’t appreciate the little snorkels I got them last year.

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Yes we do!! It’s fun to watch them unwrap their presents…especially the turtle!

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@Cruiser that must be quite the interesting sight. only one that unwraps their presents in my family is my kitty then she plays with wrapping paper for an hour or so

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@Fred931 That pie chart could be made for my kids when they were younger they had more fun playing in the boxes and wrapping paper ever than the toys themselves! Pretty funny!

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@shadowofdeath Yeah but wrapping a goldfish is not as easy as it sounds!!

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@Cruiser haha i suppose it would be kind of difficult

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@Cruiser You wrap it in newspaper like any other fish… Hey wait… why are you eating goldfish?

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We do the present thing for the pups every year. Wrapped under the tree.

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@Cruiser ROFLMAO!!!! LOVE THE TURTLE thought! strange thought but OK

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Yes they always get treats and toys.

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@Fred931 I am not eating goldfish I only lick them first and then wrap them in lettuce and set them adrift in their tank of their ever after!

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@NUNYA If you think the turtle is strange I better keep what the rabbit gets for Xmas personal! ;)

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Heck yeah! Assorted chew toys for my rat terriers….they’re people, too!!

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Yes, always or they will kick me out of my home. :)

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The only pets I have are mice… NYC mice! But… in the spirit of christmas I leave them cheese… and some nice merlot…

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I don’t buy presents for my pet. I don’t even exchange presents with my wife! Presents are overrated IMO.

But sometimes I buy presents for other people’s pets, especially if they’ll be hosting me over the holidays. I never spend much, just a token present, something to amuse the pet owners and, if possible, the pet. This year I bought some favourite toys for my mother’s 3 cats (they’re these soft crescent moon-shaped things, locally made I think, stuffed with some kind of enticing herb—not catnip), and some treats for my dad’s 3 dogs (locally-made, relatively healthy cookies in the shape of waffle-cone ice-creams).

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