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What is the easiest way to get an orgasm?

Asked by Honkatonk (2points) February 26th, 2008
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Depends on gender? And there isn’t a magic orgasm recipe. Everyone is a little different. That is why communication is important during sex. Saying “That feels good” shouldn’t be confused with “What you were doing 2 minutes ago felt bad.”

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sex or masturbation.

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some scientist said that for women, eating chocolate gives the same sensation as sex.
so if u are a woman, eat chocolate.

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masturbation. You know yourself the best.

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Send me five hundred bucks.

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If you are a woman and want quick and guaranteed (and multiple), use a vibrator.

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give oral sex for two minutes

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And make sure it isn’t one minute fifty-nine seconds or two minutes and one second.

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supposedly wearing high heels will work those muscles responsible for orgasim. Know your body and what pleases you. Try to tell ur partner honestly what works and what doesn’t

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A rabbit vibrator, or a shower head set on blast

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