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Scientists have just discovered a new watery planet, what would you like for this planet to contain?

Asked by erichw1504 (26391points) December 16th, 2009

Super-Earth: Astronomers Find a Watery New Planet

If we could travel to this planet and search it’s surface, what would you hope to find on it? Life? Signs of past life? New materials and chemicals?

Describe for me what you would like the planet to look like and have on its surface in terms of materials, environment, species, plants, etc…

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an american flag

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A Chinese Flag.

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It would be nice if the environment and species mirrored our planet, minus all the politicians and lawyers.

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A flourishing high technological world with exotic cultures and customs where they managed to save and preserve nature. Or maybe just a really great beach.

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@ChazMaz There is water on it, did you at least read the title of the article?!

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From the temperature & pressure, I think I would like some nice fried fish… =)

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@erichw1504 – Yes I did. So it better have water on it.

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Affordable jetski rental.

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Jellies, of course!

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And a mere 40 light years away. A galactical cat’s jump. Glorious.

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Carbohydrate mats floating on the surface with the molecules arranged to form Wang Tile Turing Machines that contained an entire simulated world, complete with intelligent “organisms.”

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@ChazMaz Are you challenging the intellegence of America’s scientists?

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@Qingu Thank you for the very odd, yet… unique description.

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A stripper factory and beer volcanoes as far as the eye can see! Instant +5 to whoever gets the reference.

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@Qingu Ha, indeed! Who says that extraterrestrial life has to fit into the limited parameters we set for it? For all we know, there could be silicon based life-forms in existence! Pretty interesting to think about…

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@erichw1504 Unless I misunderstood the article, the temp might still be too high, even with the increased pressure, for there to be liquid water, so @ChazMaz could be right…

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@gggritso The Flying Spaghetti Monster!

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Ya know. At one time they though the moon was made of cheese.
And, there was a civilization on Mars.

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My answer is shamelessly stolen from Greg Egan’s Diaspora(novel)

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@ChazMaz And that the Earth was flat.

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Oh! Luxurious underwater spa resort complexes. That would be awesome.

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Right! So you can understand my caution about the water.

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Employment that would be outsourced to the US.

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The Loch Ness monster.

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Carbon. A lot of carbon.

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I would hope to find an atmosphere, stable day and night time conditions and organic materials. As for any forms of life, anything would be fucking sweet.

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I would laugh my head off if we went there and just found this one guy that looks like he was lost in the desert for a year who thinks 2 + 2 = chicken and is wearing a leopardskin hat. Talk about unintelligent life.

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Carbon, Oxygen, potable water, edible plants and fruits… a reace of super sexy alien women who would want me for Snoo Snoo.

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Snoo Snoo?

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@Fred931 & @Dr_C Both very hilarious answers!

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Suplimental… @syz – watch Futarama!

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@Pazza Meh. Not a fan.

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Six foot tall blonde women that can only speak for 33 minutes each day, have never seen a man, and are in need of, ahem, “tutelage” and guidance.

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Ye, but you can’t get eaten by a cartoon! ;-p

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Signs of life.
Evolved and Intelligent are factors I don’t care about. Life itself is more than satisfactory to me.

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I think it is crazy that scientists say stuff like

Nevertheless, it’s too soon to suggest that astronomers have found the site of potential exoplanetary life. “What you want [for life] is a nice toasty ocean with a little bit of atmosphere. That’s not going to happen here,” says Charbonneau. “I think it would be foolish to say categorically that [GJ 1214b] doesn’t have life. But we have no basis for thinking it could.”

( I mean really the only life we have experienced is life on earth who is to say life doesn’t exist in other scenarios really )

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I’ll put in a good word for you with Xenu

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thanks I appreciate it, when him and his hoard dominate earth ill need it

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@ragingloli, holding a Chinese flag.

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That would rule if it was made out of beer lol.

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A thriving human colony.

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I’d like that watery planet to come in a glass with two fingers of sctoch.Thank you.:)

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seriously, anything. anything more than what we’ve found anywhere else, which is nothing. anything would be exciting.

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A planet inhabited by environmentalist’s from Earth. One of my first choices would be Native Americans who have respect for the things God gave us all. Their hearts of tears over the wanton treatment of this planet and all living things, people included puts them in first place in my opinion.
A planet where the Human Race could continue after this Earth passes the fail safe
point in becoming the toxic waste dump it is has.

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@Dr_C – LOL snoo snoo for you!

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I would like it to contain evidence of an environment that recovered from inhabitant made disasters and I would like it to contain the step by step directions on how to use this data to rehabilitate Earth.

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I guess it would be selfish to think in terms of “what I would want in order to live there.” We should try to fix this planet instead of just using all of its natural resources then moving to the next, like the aliens in Independence Day. But, I guess I’d want no religion, no government, no pollution, no corruption, intelligent and friendly life, environment similar to ours, soil suitable for farming, lots of love, peace, freedom, beauty, and the reincarnation of Billy Mays.

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No people.. I mean aliens? Extraterrestrials? Whatever..
New things to use on earth and evidence of past life that could give us insight as to where we should head in a scientific direction..
Stuff like that.

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Chicken soup would be nice.

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Fish. Then I could eat them. Mmmmmm alien fish.

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I would hope that we could find alternate energy sources in the form of say crystals or a safe alternative to elements like plutonium. And of course Alien Robo babes

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Rush Limbaugh

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Yes we could drown him..

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Hawaiian punch mix. Cherry flavor.

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@mrentropy That sounds pig ish to me. lmao

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@jacket. hahahahahahahahahahaha such a choice.

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Fishies, lots and lots of fieshies! (”,)

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It’d be fantastic if the entire surface of the planet was one big boiling mess of Pho. Mmmmmmm….

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I think its pretty daft us lookin for another planet to wreck since we can’t even live peacefully on this one.

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@Pazza That’s why we only bring the cool people to the new planet. Myself included, of course.

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Just as long as you bring me some of what your smokin ;-)

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Sure, I will bring you plenty from my dankest stash.

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@Sarcasm those are orgasmic

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To dunk or not to dunk
What say you?

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@Pazza – I can live peacefully on this one, or any one, just fine. It’s all the religious fanatics who can’t live peacefully because they want to impose thier religious laws on EVERYONE. Just keep THEM off the new planet, and it’ll all be good :)

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All that they know about it is that its position relative to the star is such that the surface temperature would be somewhere between 0 and 100 degrees C.

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Most anything that wouldn’t be a threat to humans EXCEPT for politicians.. No Political Parties Allowed!! (we can self-manage thank you very much). Also what HungryGuy said.

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