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Are lucid dreams actually possible?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3041points) December 16th, 2009

Do you think that people can actually control what they are doing in a dream, or do you just believe that they feel they are in control probably due to a desire in order to control their dreams?

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Yes. It takes a little practice, but it does work.

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I know they’re possible, because I have lucid dreams 95% of the time I do dream. I never used to have them when I was younger, but I have them all the time now.

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I just did last week

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I’ve had dreams where this happened, but it was always by accident. Once I was talking to one of my friends in a dream and went off on him about how unhealthy it is to smoke. In real life I smoke about three packs a week. I realized this conversation couldn’t be happening and I must be in a dream. I was able to control everything else that happened in the dream until I woke up.

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Why, yes. It certainly is.

I manage to do so when I have alarms every 15 minutes for the entire night.
I’m not sure why that works for me, but I can’t do it terribly often. Otherwise I’m somehow more tired than I usually am.

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I’ve tried different techniques in hopes of achieving lucid dreams but to no avail. However I’ve never been entirely dedicated and have tossed in random all nighters into the mix and the such, so I honestly do not know, I may never have tried with enough effort.

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Yes. Not everyone has to “practice”. Some are born with the ability.

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yes, I do it in almost every dream..

Now I want to find a way to go back to regular dreaming once you start lucid dreaming

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Yes, I’ve had lucid dreams all my life. Sometimes all it takes is to decide you want to have one, and be sincere about it, most of the time they come on their own, totally unexpected.

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Yes it works. But usually pulls you out of the dream.

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Yes. I have them fairly often. You have to sort’a learn to recognize when you’re dreaming, and then take control of the dream.

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I’ve had a lucid dream once. I’ve never been able to do so deliberately, and it never happened again.

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Ditto @downtide. I rarely remember my dreams at all, so maybe that also has something to do with the fact that it’s only happened once.

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same here. I’m lucky if I remember half a dozen dreams in a year.

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Hmm the question I am asking though is whether you are truely manipulating what is happening in your dream or whether it appears so and your brain is playing tricks on you.

I ask this because last night I had what I would describe a semi-lucid dream, in which something was happening in which I wanted but I didn’t really have any control over anything else. I was ‘conscious’ in a sense and knew it was a dream though.

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I believe that we can have lucid dreams and control the dream…

It becomes a deeper dream for me… almost as if I am right there… so REAL….

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Yeah, I have them sometimes.

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I’m still not clear on what lucid dreaming is. Is it controlling all facets of what happens in the dream or just what you are doing?

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imo it’s a little bit of both

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Because I control what I do in dreams much of the time (as opposed to just watching a show), but I can never control anything else. And this doesn’t necessarily mean I’m aware it’s a dream. Last night I had a dream a giant dog was chasing me in front of an old 19th century brick building in the middle of the forest. I felt in control of what I was doing, but I was not aware it was a dream. As far as I was concerned, it was really happening.

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I have lucid dreams too. It seemed crazy the first time that I controlled my own dream, but it’s really possible. Now I know how to do it and I do it all the time. A lot of my dreams are intense, so it’s very beneficial for me to be able to exit when I want and manipulate things when I need to.

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This is day-dreaming…..right?

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Yes, because I have.

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I’ve wondered this as well. I was dreaming once- I took over and started flying. I could feel myself in the bed, but also still visualizing my whole dream. It was weird. I’ve only been able to do this one other time. Was I meditating or was this lucid dreaming?

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I have a kind of been there, done that feeling about it. I was really fascinated with it in my 20’s and 30’s. I liked to believe it meant something special if you could lucid dream. Then I had kids, and I forgot about it.

I know that if I kept a dream journal, I could do it again, but I’m not sure why. I no longer believe in meeting another dreamer in dream space, sharing a word or secret code or something, so that when we woke, we could compare notes to see if we had actually met in our dreams.

Flying is cool, but it no longer inspires me. If it happens, it happens, and if I take control, I take control, but I don’t particularly care, any more. Maybe someone will come along and provide a more important reason to do it, but for now, eh.

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Yeah, they’re possible. Mine can be so real sometimes i’m not sure if I am actually asleep. Much of the time I have full control. My good dreams are really good, but when I have bad dreams….they’re reeeally bad. I also haven’t been flying much, lately it’s more Matrix style jumping.

edit: also, i have had the same dream as someone else in the same night

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@Open_Your_Mind No. This is when you’re actually asleep, and actually dreaming and you control what happens in your dream. You can even “Change channels” and bust out into a whole new dream of your choosing! I can, (sometimes) anyway….

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You are having one now.

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You are having one now.

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