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How do I find a career?

Asked by Zachfersure (18points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m a freshman in college and I have no idea what I want to do. Anyone have any ideas on how I can find one?

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Well you’re in the right place, but I suggest that you take a variety of classes, get involved in campus life and community (even student clubs/organized ASG), and talk to others-faculty, counselors, other students. All are good places to start.

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A wise teacher taught me that, when someone asks why one should go to college, to always remember that the goal of college is education; the knowledge gained has life-long value, and empowers you to pursue the career(s) of your choosing.

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Often, the career finds you. I’d say right now, pay attention to the stuff that excites you and find others of similar mind who are stimulating to be around. If there’s a prof you like, schedule an office hour appt and pick their brain about careers in the field they teach. Go to the school’s counseling/placement office and ask to take the Strong Interest Inventory, which will compare your likes and dslikes with the L & D of people who are succesful in their careers.

Lastly, if you decide you are truly interested or passionate in something, pursue it earnestly. Don’t get waylaid by insecurities or concerns about practicality. There’s plenty of room for you to pursue whatever it is that you decide.

Read Gig by Studs Terkel and see if anything sticks.

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