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Is there any over the counter medication I can purchase that will delay my period (menstral cycle)?

Asked by TLRobinson (2365points) December 16th, 2009 from iPhone

I need something safe and legal. My boyfriend is coming to town. I think that’s enough details.

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I’ve never, ever heard of any over the counter medication that will do that. You might try some of these ideas if he thinks it’s icky, or maybe you think it’s icky, who knows. link

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No, I’m afraid not.

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Use those cups- i forget the name.If you change often, you could try having sex.

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Are you on birth control pills? If so, skip the placebo. If not, suck it up and have sex anyway. Throw down a towel. It won’t kill you.

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fireinthepriory: the relationship is new and I may be too heavy; how do I get past that?

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Also, I’m not on the pill.

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@TLRobinson Hmm. I’d just tell him you’re on your period and ask it if that freaks him out or if he’d be cool having sex anyway. And maybe have sex in the shower so the heaviness isn’t a problem. You could even shower together without “intending” to have sex, although my guess is that even if he didn’t want to have sex initially, taking a shower with him would change his mind real fast. :)

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@fireinthepriory: I like the shower option. It will obviously limit the options.

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@TLRobinson Or open up new ones…!

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@fireinthepriory: pun intended, I hope. Thanks for the ideas all!

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Ahahaha, it wasn’t!! Oh man. I do that way too often. :)

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No. I wish there were. The last 4 times I have travelled in the last 6 months I have had my period, and it is about to happen again in a little over a week. Pisses me off.

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You could start going on the birth control pill. Just get a prescription for it, it’s easy. As long as you take it while your boyfriend is there, no period.

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I just thought to ask, do you use tampons? That will help. Put in a tampon before you are going to have sex, and then take it out maybe a half an hour before so you can get lubricated ok. Unless you are very heavy you should not be very bloody in that short of a time. If you don’t use tampons, I don’t know how anyone can stand not using them. Just sayin’.

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What???? What’s going on here? Delay a period? Maybe when on hormones. I’m not hearing any relationship material, or a sound, serious relationship in any aspect. How about testing and prevention for STDS and AIDS; and should we whisper about a pregnancy?

Who cares about a period when your health and pregnancy are potential problems and when there’s not a serious, ongoing relationship? You sound young, which is fine. It also sounds like you are having sex to please him for some reason. If you are over 21, I would wonder where your head is at.

If you choose to be promiscuous and chance all of the above, you’re going to need more than a boost to your self-esteem. Your whole life will be changed for sure, and I would have a medical, counseling and support team in place..

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@barbiedoll You don’t seem to be responding to the question, or following the thread. No one mentioned birth control or STD protection, I don’t know why you are assuming the OP won’t use a condom, and you are also assuming she has not tested for STD’s. Lots of assumptions.

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@ Jleslie No, I’ve stated lot of things to consider which were not brought up. I don’t see where everything I said does not apply.

“The question itself displays youth and someone who needs education and is asking for help.” She does not know how to spell menstrual, which clued me further. Besides a medical background, I also knew the answer to this question at eleven. Many women/girls do not get a good medical background growing up, and thus, the question, which is good.

Everything I stated I would hope someone would have told me had I asked a similar question. I DID respond to the question, so if you don’t know any better, HORMONES are the ONLY way to control periods at all, except for surgery. I’m not going to follow a thread that is assinine for where the real concern should be. She can always ignore what I stated to be helpful; AND she can also get the team I mentioned for not doing it.
Ignorant or informative, take your pick.

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@barbiedoll Um, I said there is nothing over the counter to delay her period up at the top on my first post. She only asked if she can avoid having her period. You said I’m not hearing any relationship material, or a sound, serious relationship in any aspect. How about testing and prevention for STDS and AIDS; and should we whisper about a pregnancy? Maybe she did not want to go into details about her relationship and knows what she will use for birth control? I did not see where you got that it sounded like she was having sex for her boyfriend and not for herself. Your tone seemed judgemental to me rather than just providing additional information. You sound very abstinence oriented to me, but I could be off base there I realize.

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@barbiedoll I’m sure you meant to be helpful, but a private comment might have been a better approach. As it is, I think you made a giant leap. In looking at @TLRobinson ‘s profile, she’s 43.

Sometimes it’s hard to separate out our own life experiences from someone else’s. It sounds like her original post struck a chord for you but her situation is not necessarily the same.

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@ the last two: I don’t think she is 43, although it first appears that way. I looked that up too before I first answered. She just asked that question. If she is 43 and did not know the answer to her question, hormones, periods, and how to spell menstrual, there are other problems here. I’m confused by her question, the age 43 and what’s up.

To be concerned about a period because a ‘boyfriend’ is coming, is not outrageous, but most adult men do know it’s going to happen once a month and that’s life.

I am getting the feeling you all act like I said something that is extremely private and uncalled for. I was trying to help Anyone who would ask a question such as this. As I said, if any kid had asked such a question, I would want them to know the whole story, not a part they would not understand. If you know that her situation is different, you could state how it’s different. I wasn’t thinking or stating abstaining from sex, but I’m okay with that too. I’ve seen more problems treating sex casually.

I’m out of information and interest right now. If it helps, great. I don’t believe truth can hurt. As I said, she can ignore it.

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@barbiedoll if we’re going to start being judged for spelling errors, I’m probably in trouble – even though I’m a little OCD about things like that, sometimes my fingers slip.

I’m afraid I don’t understand why you have decided that @TLRobinson is pretending to be 43. After your response, I browsed through her recent questions and answers, and it all looks consistent to me. If I were in her shoes, I’d be feeling judged and dissected right now. The basic premise at Fluther is that Everyone is an expert at something. Isn’t it OK for a 43yo woman to not be an expert about periods and hormones, ask a question and get straightforward nonjudgemental answers?

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Wow! Who would have thought a simple question would bring about such “passionate” dialog.
@barbiedoll- you really are coming across pious, condescinding and professorial. Your assumption that I’m not 43 and or worse, ill informed based on a misspelled word, saddens me to the obvious limits you’ve set on your life; too judgemental to accept imperfection.

As a mom, I am fully aware of the ramifications of unsafe sex and how the MENSTRAL cycle. My question was simply what’s a safe OTC to DELAY my period; not end it

My boyfriend and I are conscenting adults; and I didn’t want a “mess”, period.

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@magrags- thank you for having my back. I’ll be having great, adult sex; and it will be safe.

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I have read the answers for delaying the period and there were not any. There are several females that maybe searching for an answere,maybe for a wedding or etc. It would be nice if someone knew what works temporarily.

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