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Perfume for a 15 year old?

Asked by WaitForMe (246points) December 16th, 2009

My daughter is 15 and one of the things on her Christmas list is perfume (light and a bit fruity). Can anyone suggest something? Gwen Stefani maybe?

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harajuku dolls-gwen staffani
Ed hardy
Ralph lauren

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Are you set on a very commercialized perfume?

There are many, many online perfume places that have perfumes that will satisfy her requirements but are oils (as opposed to alcohol-based). They last longer and, at the same time, don’t “pollute” the air. Here is a site that has several companies on it.

Otherwise, something from mark might work well.

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try betsey johnson… you can find it at lohmans (spelling?) or marshalls for cheap sometimes.

my current favorite is burberry (all of them), but they’re a little spicier, generally.
i also love sarah jessica parker’s berfume – forgot the name, but it’s in a pink ovalish bottle.
your best bet is to go to a dept store and try the different ones.

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I love “Viva La Juicy” by Juicy Couture. Its really fresh and fruity, probably only a summer scent but I wear it during this time of year anyways. Plus the bottle is REALLY adorable. :)

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I love Mariah Carey – Luscious Pink

I’m not 15 but its definitely not too old

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As much as I hate to admit it someone gave me Brittany Spears Fantasy and it smells really good. I always get compliments when I wear it and it is fruity smelling.

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Vanderbilt is a lite perfume item and not very pricy…

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If you want to get a more grown up perfume Aqua di gio is light an fruity. Giorgio Armani has a home on teh idland of Pantelleria in the Mediteranian, and that is the scent that reminds him of the flora and the sea on the island. We used to pump a similar scent through Armani Exchange when they first launched the stores in the US.

For a classic, Cristalle by Channel, is very fruity and fairly light.

Lastly CK1 is citrus and light.

I also agree that some of the ones directly marketed to younger people might work, but by 15 I was kind of past that.

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I love Viva La Juicy!

Another great choice!

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I agree with the people who have suggested Juicy. I prefer Juicy Couture but Viva La Juicy is definitely more fruity.

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Probably Victoria Secret has something that might work also? And someone above mentioned Lauren by Ralph Lauren; I still love that fragrance, but not sure if it will satisfy the fruitiness you are looking for. Juicy Couture is probably very popular with the age group, but I am annoyed that young girls think it is ok to walk around with the word juicy on their butts, but that is just me.

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“Back the ‘F’ off until I’m 18”? ;)

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G by Gwen Stefani is perfect. I wouldn’t recommend L by Gwen Stefani, it is way more adult.

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I like a lemony scent, there used to be a Love’s Sweet Lemon or something like that.
Vanilla is also nice.

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All kids like popstar named perfume, like Kylie or Britney.

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Soap and water work well….keep her locked up for a couple more years.

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