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Does anyone have recommendations for decent, affordable cameras to capture cute newborn wrinkles?

Asked by Carmella (123points) December 16th, 2009

My digital Canon is great for some things, but it’s useless for close ups and really high quality pictures. I want to capture some shots of my newborn, but the Canon isn’t doing a good enough job – I’m tired of too much flash and blurriness. He just doesn’t look like him on the pictures.

I really don’t care what it does beyond showng the lines on his chin, the way his lip bends in the middle and generally not making him look as though he glows in the dark and has a permanently surprised look on his face (from the flash!)

But budget is an issue, I really can’t afford hundreds of dollars on a new camera… so it’s striking a balance between budget and quality.

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What kind of camera do you already have?
Maybe all you need to do is turn off the flash and use some alternative lighting, or even a diffuser for your flash.

you can also check these websites:

both are awesome photography websites to find just about everything you need.

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If you want really good close ups, you can buy cameras that focus on macro shots.

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I can’t argue with this set of reviews from CNET. There’s a decent spread of pricing. Any should do for simple snapshots of a new baby.

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Well, I have a Sony Cybershot, and it takes great pictures of baby wrinkles!

That link shows a new one at $125, but it’s a relatively old model (I got mine years ago) so you should be able to find one pretty cheap, maybe at Walmart?

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if you want high levels of skin detail, especially wrinkles, then ring lighting is the way to go. I’m sure you can come up with a DIY ring light setup.

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I had a Canon Powershot A460 and daughter has the A470 – the cheapest ones and we’re extremely happy with them. Both are capable of Macro to 1cm. I LOVE doing Macros. Mine recently had a bit of an error and sadly no longer works (but I’m going to try fix it myself!), so had to go out and buy another. Went for another Canon Powershot – this time A580. While it takes great pics, it surprisingly it DOESNT have the macro capabilities of the cheaper model but will take brilliant pics down to 2cm. Very disappointing (but I knew what I was buying, so only blame me) The A480 currently out is an ugly thing (that’s why i didnt get it!), but is probably capable of the macro shots as the rest of that series is. Cheapest cameras around and Canon always seems to come out with great reviews when I google them. As for too much flash – I found that it took better indoor and night shots with the flash turned off, and by adjusting the ISO a little and/or the Exposure Compensation (latter took nicer pics). Good luck :) We love our Canons!

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