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Where can I find an inexpensive pair of boots like these?

Asked by zarnold (695points) December 17th, 2009

I really like the style of these boots, but they’re hundreds of dollars. Any suggestions for cheaper look-alikes? Thanks!


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Those look a lot like timberlands.

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Have you ever checked out They have a lot to choose from there… free shipping and free return shipping too.

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They are good looking but I couldn’t see a price.

LL Bean has something similar, think they are about $100.00.

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The Redwing Beckham collection is similar but the cost is not much less. The Wolverine 1000 is $299 – $350, the Redwing Beckham is $230 at Zappos. It’s not as dressy as the Wolverine. Both the Wolverine and the Redwing are costly because they are made in the US. When I googled them, a retailer on a men’s fashion discussion board said that Wolverine would not let them price them lower than $299, and they’re not showing up on any of the Wolverine outlet sites. They are new for this fall.

Whether or not this is too much money depends on whether or not you take care of your shoes. Some men never shine their shoes, or have them resoled, etc. and don’t own enough shoes to rotate them. They will wear out a pair of shoes in 6 months. Others can wear a pair of shoes for 5 – 10 years because they shine them every few weeks, use shoe trees, and have them resoled before they need it. Expensive shoes can be worth the investment if you take care of them.

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Stacy Adams has been making classic lace-up boots for many years – they run about $125.

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