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What type of Christmas gifts do elementary school teachers appreciate the most?

Asked by Aethelwine (41395points) December 17th, 2009

I’m sure they would appreciate anything that their students got them, but are they really happy getting another coffee mug or candle?

It has been several years since I have needed to buy a gift for a grade school teacher. What would you suggest for a kindergarten teacher? The party is tomorrow and I have no idea what to get for my daughter’s teacher.

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Gifts from the heart. I think chocolate would be great! (But maybe I’m biased because I LOVE chocolate!)

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Money in the form of gift certificates to local teacher supply stores, spas, restaurants, etc. They have enough little items.

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We always used to get my teachers a bottle of wine. Needless to say, it was dropped off after school. However, we knew them pretty well and knew it would be appreciated.

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Gift certificate to local book store, donate money in their honor, or a gift certificate to a local salon.

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I would think that any gift that the student picked out, rather than the parent, would be appreciated. Of course, it’s also nice for the parents to give gifts, too, to show THEIR appreciation and I think a gift certificate for anything NOT related to school would be nice.

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How about a book that your child enjoys?

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Great ideas so far everyone. Thank you!

@kruger_d That is a cute idea. The kindergarten classes just performed a Christmas program and one of the performances was The Night Before Christmas. At the end of the program the teachers gave the music teacher a copy of the book that was signed by all of the students. I thought that was so sweet!

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The gift of a job well done.

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@ChazMaz I wish that could be all that is needed. I really can’t afford a gift for her and the student teacher that helps the class, but I don’t want my daughter to feel left out or be the only one who doesn’t bring a gift. :)

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Having been an elementary school teacher, I beg of you: no more candles, coffee mugs, glass apples, knick-knacks, etc. Gift cards are great, particularly to bookstores or department stores. I like the idea of books, too. Food is good if you have a special thing that you make – cookies, bread, etc. If you know that the teacher is a plant person, a nice potted plant like an african violet would be nice.

My first year of teaching I told my students to please not buy anything for me as I was going to be leaving town right after our last day of school. Not only was this true, but most of my students were at or below poverty level and I didn’t want them spending anything on me.

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@jonsblond – Have her make the teacher something. Even a simple picture would be nice.

You know, so the teacher will not forget her best and favorite student. :-)

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Being one, I love getting gift certificates for the local coffee shop (Tim Horton’s). Gas cards are always nice. A cute mug that one of my students picked out, a Christmas tree ornament, chocolates, and pretty stationary.

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I think drawing a picture is a great idea. How about a few homemade cookies wrapped in colored cellophane with a home made card?

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@jmah – A Christmas ornament is a great idea!

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Ritalin in a marshmellow shooter (for the students). and Xanax in a Pez dispenser for the teacher.

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Where I work we recommend people get their children’s teachers something that is relaxing. We joke around and say because they have to deal with your kids all day. But, actual we have a lot of the teachers come to the store because they really liked the gift (we usually pair it with gumballs!) and want to get more. So I would recommend something relaxing or something to relieve stress. Maybe a great smelling candle, anything pepperminty or lavender is great for stress. Hope this helps!

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Food, Gift certificates! Starbucks, Staples, Liquor Store…etc….

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Homemade gifts. Having the child make it with their own hands. Along with the handmade gift you could attach a Christmas Pin, Candy Cane or something along those lines.

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I think a good finger pull would be nice.

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Getting involved in their children’s education. That’s a gift that keeps on giving.

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I once read that the average teacher spends $500 a year of her own money on supplies for the classroom, and always gave gift certificates to a school or office supply store.

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@kruger_d I love that idea. :)

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