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So, is this baby trying to claw its way out of my vagina or what?

Asked by ubersiren (15208points) December 17th, 2009

When I feel him moving around especially low in the uterus, I can feel these little sharp pokes, or scratches, or scrapes. It’s not particularly painful, but more uncomfortable. Equivalent to an electric shock from walking on carpet and touching someone. It wakes me up in the night, and it’s enough to make me jump during the day. Is he tunneling out with his fingernails or something? What is that? I’m 6.5 months.

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He is telling his mommy that he is ok and can’t wait to come out and meet her.

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he’s racing baby jesus

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Ha ha, ah, the joyous growing pains of pregnancy.

What’s happening is that, as the baby’s moving around, he’s hitting your cervix. This is totally normal, and will happen from time to time as the pregnancy progresses. Be assured, everything is perfectly fine, and this is actually a good sign of fetal movement. ^_^

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This is one of my favorite questions ever. Lurve.

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I’m definitely feeling movement in places I didn’t feel with my first pregnancy. I blame it on the fact that my muscles are spread apart sooner this time around. I swear this kid is hitting my waist. You can literally see it poking out where my waist once was, or just high by my right ribcage….my baby is diaganol, so I haven’t had any cervix pain.

But, yes. It sounds like your baby is making an escape route.
also, I’m so confused, I thought we were due around the same time, I think I’m almost 7.5months…I get so confused when people ask me how far along I am so I just tell them the weeks lol

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@Cupcake mine too! I miss the feeling of having a little Mary Lou Retton inside of me. However uncomfortable it may be at times. :)

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@casheroo : Hahaha! Yeah, I can totally feel this one ricocheting off of my hip bones. I think we’re 6.5 months, right? I’ll be 7 months at the end of Dec. I’m due March 1st-ish. What’s your due date again? Heck, I don’t even know what week I am. I knew what millisecond I was with the first one, but this time, I’m just like “wake me up when I’m in labor.”

@Ansible1 Lol, what?

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<<<Peeks into the thread – saw vagina in the title. Is leaving now.

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How is an electric shock not painful?? You poor, brave thing

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@ubersiren Haha, I’m due Feb 20th, so I’m 30w5d. I think I’m 7 months, according to google. And I’m totally the same way. I had a pregnancy book with Cash, and recording everything. I don’t even have this baby’s ultrasounds in a safe spot. Terrible. lol

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@Facade : You know, just a carpet shock… I guess compared to some of the other pregnancy stuff, this is quite painless. :)

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Can you post a picture?

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Your cervix is stretching and flattening out. That’s a good thing If you’re close, (and I believe you are since my grand daughter is 2 weeks old and I think you announced about the same time my daughter did.)
Do we know if it’s a boy or a girl? Do we have a name picked out yet?
Edit: YIKES, I just re read your post. 6.5 mo. is probably to early for your cervix to be flattening but it is certainly changing. I’m sure @magsrags will be here any time now with the REAL medical opinion. Isn’t she a midwife?

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First off, congrats, grandma Judi! It’s a boy with no name.

Paging nurse MagsRags!

@ChazMaz : If I could, I would. Though, have you seen pictures of cervices? I’m not sure you want to see it. Gih… ross.

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@ubersiren – I have. But have not seen yours. :-)

But I get the picture… Without the picture. :-)

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Sounds like Braxton-Hicks contractions
it’s your uterus exersizing

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OMG @Zen_Again , me too! lol.

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@Gossamer : Do you mean it’s a common thing with first babies? I had it with my first, too, but this is my second. I just don’t know what it is, exactly. Though, researching what everyone has said, I’ve found evidence that supports what @Seek_Kolinahr about the baby hitting against the cervix. It apparently creates a little zap of discomfort.

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If s/he has already turned with hands over head, you are heading for an interesting weekend.

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@Judi It’s probably too early for cervical changes. I was just checked and I’m a couple weeks ahead of @ubersiren and my cervix is still high, hard, and long. what a lovely exam that was I know it happens with some women, but I doubt it’s anything going on with her actual cervix.

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Here I am! I’m at work, and taking a lunch break. It sounds OK – he might be bumping into your cervix, as @Seek_Kolinahr said. Could also be that your growing uterus is pressing close to a nerve that is getting tweaked when the baby shifts and stretches. This is not your first, correct? Muscles and ligaments including the muscle wall of the uterus tend to be more relaxed with second and subsequent pregnancies so there’s not as much support.

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Awesome question. That is all.

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@MagsRags That would make sense that it’s a nerve thing, too, because it radiates from my navel to my perineum.

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Its perfectly normal. I’ve had two kids and felt all kinds of weird pains! With what you are describing, it might be the baby resting or pushing on your sciatic nerve. That can be really painful, especially when the pain just shoots down your legs and hips. What I would do to help relieve the pressure, is get on my hands and knees and arch my back up as far as I could like a camel, hold it there for a few seconds, then arch my back down as far as I could, and hold it. I’d do a few repetitions of this and it seemed to help.

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It smells chocolate!

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