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How often do you edit your answers? I'm a bit of an edit whore myself.

Asked by 75movies (2490points) December 17th, 2009

Just curious as I just edited an answer because the ellipsis I wrote wasn’t constructed properly.
Are you a heavy editor in your outside Fluther writing? If so, why does it bother you when you know the intended recipient will get your meaning and if the message isn’t something absolutely vital?

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Don’t edit it a lot. It’s gone once its typed for me.

lol ‘edit whore’

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Guess that makes me a edit whore too.

It just annoys me if I notice an error in grammar in my post.

It also drives me crazy when there’s no spellcheck readily available.

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a LOT :-)
I’m not english speeker so it’s much harder, but I am doing my best.

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“You’ve successfully edited your question!”

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Because I’m intellectually insecure I often edit my answers to eliminate any mistake I might have made. I also read them over once or twice before I submit them.

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Never unless I punched out too soon and notice a typo but I leave the thoughts alone they are what they are.

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I edit if I spelled something wrong or if I don’t like the way something sounds (I edited that part of the sentence three times before posting). And that is actually part of why I don’t edit often actually. I mostly catch shit like that before I post it.
Questions are another stack of bullshit all together. I have been known to spend an hour or two forming questions cos I know those are generally less editable. That is why if fluther sends one back I just don’t bother with it. I feel I spend too much time on questions as it is. If it isn’t good enough for the people here who are prolly too moderation happy anyway then that isn’t my loss. I did as best I could.

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Just my luck…I’m advised to edit my answer to how often I edit my answers…

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Constantly because I abhor typos.
BTW- What does an edit whore make a day? I see a part time job in my future.

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I’ve edited about 5 times, mostly to fix a grammar or spelling mistake. I have added more info to my answer only 2 times. It’s not something I wanted to do, but if I didn’t I would have been totally misunderstood.
I have also changed an answer into a whisper once.
I don’t think I’ve been overdoing it.

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Barely, I am here to relax.

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I tend to type things up rather quickly, as I’m usually multi-tasking. So, I edit often.

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@Poopy You used to edit every 5 seconds and multiple times on AB!!! You don’t edit at all here???

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@SeventhSense Edit whores don’t make much but they should considering the amazing number of word you blow.

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I’ve got clumsy fingers so I tend to edit for typos. It bothers me when I notice a mistake after the grace period for editing has passed.

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@janbb Ditto, hehe. I hate it when I can’t go back to fix it. It’s there for ‘eternity’.

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@janbb Doh! That’s why I had trouble editing a response before. Grace period. It all makes sense now. Thanks!

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can’t say I’ve ever blown a word but I do nibble on the V’s..

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@SeventhSense Make sure you don’t get any p in your mouth

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Not very often.

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I give them the quick once over and let it go.

Unless I spot something significant enough to change my meaning I assume good enough is good enough.

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I edit them atleast three times (this post is no exception) and i usually hit the 10 minute barrier, so I guess I classify for edit whore aswell. I think we edit whores should unite under a big flag that says “OCD FTW”.

I just hate leaving poor grammar, wierd sentencing and screwed up punctuation out there for everyone to see. Also I usually think of more stuff the instant i press “answer”, im sure there is a psychological diagnosis for it.

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OCD FTW it is.

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atleast, i, aswell, wierd, i, ., im,

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@SeventhSense : * twitch *. Sometimes i wish i could edit other peoples posts.

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We can’t even flag them for the edit police.

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I edit ALL the time.

Partly because I have a tendency to leave important words out because I type too fast, but also because I’m always finding better ways to say things and more information to add.

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I’m constantly editing, for the most asinine reasons, but I just can’t help it. It just annoys me to see one of my messages with something wrong in it, not matter how minor.

This doesn’t mean everything is perfectly spelled, I obviously miss and fail to notice some things, but if I see it, it needs be rectified.

Which is a problem really, because my fingernails are long so typing fast on the keyboard often creates mistakes, like wrong letter placement, or I didn’t hit the shift key hard enough and have a comma instead of an apostrophe and so forth, gah…if you saw what my posts initially look like before I look them over and submit, you might understand my editing obsession. XD

You prolly already do though…edit whores unite!

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