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How can I get the mail person to stop walking across my lawn to deliver my mail?

Asked by NUNYA (3207points) December 17th, 2009

To get to the mailbox the mail person uses the side walk but after putting the mail in the box, he/she takes a short cut across my lawn. There is a spot that is turning into a bald spot. Right now we have snow but the mail person still uses the short cut across the law. What to do…....What to do? <<Shrugs>>

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Ask politely

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Have notice on your mail box and inform the mailman politely.

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I was going to same the same thing as @delta214.

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Just ask in a polite way, that if he/she can use the sidewalk, instead of crossing your lawn.

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They are the hardest workers, try treating them like a human being and ask.

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@delta214 & @jmah I have spoken to 2 of them but other times there is a different mail person. I don’t always see them while they are delivering the mail. Asking them nicely just hasn’t worked. I have also used one of those low wire fences used for flowerbeds. I put it up right off the step so they can’t step there so they step over the fence. LOL

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put up signs in the yard “Danger, pesticides. Death may occur from walking on grass”. :-P

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Do as @alquest says and put up a notice somewhere. Or even a classic ‘Dont walk on the grass” sign post

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Dig a moat – fill with pirana’s

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I have had this problem Nunya. I first asked the letter carrier to please use the sidewalk. Usually that does the trick. If not, you can call the Post Office and ask them to help.

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just ask them politely. Its should’nt be a problem and if it is then talk to a higher authority at the post office.

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Set up a sprinkler and turn it on everytime we walks across the lawn. He’ll get the point eventually.

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@Skippy ROFL
@ABJustPlainBarb My next step is to talk with someone at the Post Office. I really really really do not want to do it. I think the job that Postal Works do is a “Thankless” job and I appreciate them so very much. But darn it….....I just don’t know what else to do. Thanks!

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@erichw1504 It is the dead of winter here in Montana. Can’t have the sprinkler on! LOL Thanks tons!!!!
@stratman37 HAHAHAHA! My luck, I’d touch it more often then the postal worker! :-) Thanks!

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Usually, they are required to use the shortest route possible. They have route adjustments where an adjuster follows them and they are then required to be within a certain amont of time getting back to the office each day. If he were to avoid your lawn everyday but it was not done on adjustment day, he will have to make up that extra time on his lunch or break. If they were to walk back to the sidewalk after each house like JW’s do, it would take them more than twice as long to finish the route. You can try talking to the postmaster, but that may or may not work. Many areas are going to mounted curb boxes or cluster boxes at the end of the street. If it is a very big concern, and the postmaster will not go outside of his budget for that, you could rent a post office box and pick up your mail at the PO.

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PS, a sprinkler or electric fence would be looked at kind of like a loose dog or a car parked in front of a mounted mailbox. Your house would likely be skipped that day. Lol.
We had our mail cutoff because of a floggin rooster before. The regular guy thought it was funny. Not everyone liked him though.

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Sign on lawn: “Stay off lawn: toxic chemicals”?

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@azlotto great video and idea, that will work, except knowing NUNYA she would be in it more than the mailperson…LOL

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@Stagood…Yes she would.

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Ah, heck. Just give up and put in ornamental stepping stones to form a path. Less to mow, no bald spot, and postal employee won’t come back after hours and dump herbicide on your lawn when you aren’t home.

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How about a sensor installed on your lawn that detects when someone is walking on it so that it sets off a high pitched alarm and says stay the fuck off my lawn!!

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have you looked into the many benefits of a mote?it’s something to think about….

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@Darwin good one!!!! ROFL!
@HumourMe LOVE IT! lol Thanks!
@spacemonkey Good plan spacemonkey! How are you!!!!? Nice to see you! (((HUGS)))

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Where is Astrochuck when yo really need him!

walking across lawns?

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@NUNYA , HI !! i’m good i can’t thank you enough!! {{{HUGS}}}

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NUNYA could you move your mailbox to the end of the sidewalk so the mail carrier doesn’t have to come into the yard ? It would mean you would have farther to go to get your mail but might be worth it to you.

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This is an easy one!!! Get a 130 pound rottweiler to guard your lawn! I deserve some kind of jellyfish award for this one! You there fluther guys?
Luvya nunya.

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HAHAHAHA! NUNYA hands Tomfafa his jellyfish award…..........hands Tomfafa the Mic and says “make your acceptance speech”! LOL

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Gotta remember if a 5lb chicken can get your mail cut off, imagine what a 130lb dog will do.

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have you tried landmines?

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@nursey ROFL! No I have stopped short of the land mines…...............might be the next step! Thanks tons Nursey!!! Nice to see you my friend!!! (((HUG)))

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A chicken is a bright idea! I know a sheep farmer in Pennsylvania who uses swans to protect his sheep… amazing but true.

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Maybe you can put something like this in your yard . . . ;-)

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Give a really powerful slingshot to the neighborhood bad kid, and stick a target on the mail man’s back.

However, then you might not get any mail at all.

@Tomfafa – “Weeder” geese have been used since the middle ages both as a way to remove weeds from the fields and protect fruit trees from fruit thieves. I used to recommend their use to some of the tree nurseries in my inspection district in South Florida.

Have you ever met up with a pissed off swan? Those suckers move fast and they bite. Hard!

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I see this thead is quite comical. Any perceived thread, like my flogging rooster, will get you mail cut off. I have never had any geese, but thought about getting some before as I had read an article about “weeder geese”. Once your garden is established, plants a certain size, you all the geese to have access to that area and they are reported to pull up and eat any seedlings. Lol, organic gardening is not the point of the geese thingy, but yes, they can be quite aggressive, resulting in the desirable affect of no mailman in the yard, but also the undesirable affect of no mail in your mailbox.

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Try putting a note on your mailbox if you can’t get around to asking him politely not to cut across your lawn.

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I once failed to get mail in my mail box in Florida for a good two weeks because a Cuban Anole had taken up refuge in it. The little….. lizard bit the mailman so he declared my mail box to be unsafe.

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Thats ironic that a doggie avatar would get its mail cut off because of a lizard. Lol

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@texasescimo – Those are big and very bad-tempered lizards, with lots of very sharp teeth, though, and most dogs are smart enough not to mess with them.

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A lizard with an attitude. I wish that I had some of those around here. I bought a hundred lizards a few years ago, a mixture of anoles (the kind without teeth as far as I could tell) and geckos. I turned them loose all over my property hoping to establish a population for organic gardening. They did not last long. The last one that I saw was on the side of the well house. He walked around the side to get away from me and a chicken got him.

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put a sign on the grass which says please do not step on grass
i had the same problem as what u r going through but this is what i did
hope i could help :)

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I submitted a request via email. I am never home when the mail person is delivering the mail. A few days after I made the request, it snowed, and there was evidence that my request was either not followed or enforced yet. I called my post office, they acknowledged receiving my request and said it was being escalated when the postmaster returned from vacation. Almost a month later, havent heard from them, and the continue to walk on my lawn.

Oh.. and I do have a sign on my mail box lid. So they definitley see it…

Someone should create a group on Facebook… There isnt one there yet for this.

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Since you want to make his job harder then you should share in the grief. Move your box to the public sidewalk and put it on a post.

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