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Have you ever challenged something on your credit report?

Asked by JustPlainBarb (5022points) December 17th, 2009

We always check our credit report yearly. Once we saw one reporting agency had listed an incorrect address for us. When we went to see where it was, it turned out to be the parking lot of a local funeral home!! We had no problems convincing them we never lived there!!

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Yes and I was successful.But it took forever!

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@TominLasVegas I know it can really be a slow process. I’m glad it worked for you though.

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It use to be easy to do a charge back.

Not any more.

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I did! And they rejected it, which was crazy because I have proof that I paid prior to it going to collections, yet they wanted even more money from me (a dental school). I am still trying to get it off my credit, it’s the only thing that looks bad on my credit.

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I pull my credit once a year from all three major agencies…

I’ve challenged something a couple of times and I’ve WON…. it may take a few letters and phone calls ; BUT well worth the fight .

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Yes, basically. When you challenge something they have like 60 days to respond.
If they do not. They have to remove it.

That is why credit re-building companies will flood the credit reporting companies with challenges. They cant respond to them all in the time allotted to them..
Eventually getting it all removed.

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@casheroo I sure hope you get that resolved… just keep trying. Good luck with it.

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@HighShaman I agree, it is well worth the “fight”. Creditors really do put a lot of importance into credit reports and scores. We just bought a new car and they were really impressed with our high credit score… made dealing with them much easier and we got a much better financing rate.

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@ChazMaz I didn’t realize that 60 day time limit Chaz. I have to keep that in mind if I have another problem. Thanks.

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A couple of years ago I checked my credit report with one agency. There is another person with my exact name and close birthday who had all kinds of stuff on my report.
They took all I was able to identify off almost immediately.

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@JessicaisinLove I bet you’re really glad you got that taken care of!!

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